Angst and the Jehovah's Witness Mindset

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  • DJS

    Best OP ever. Sadly the same end of time nonsense is still alive and well amongst so many in our group. As Elsa said, "Let it go. "

    We are in the best time ever. FMF said it well.

  • Alive!

    The mind and heart twisting angst that is part of the JW belief system can be picked up from conversations about Armageddon - noted Simon's comments. So true.

  • JWdaughter


    I have been out for over 30 years and still have the same things going on in my head sometimes. I realized that it is coded in my dna.

  • stuckinarut2

    Confirming such a mindset is the latest 2016 RC video that will be shown.

    Wifibandit has started a thread on it: 

  • Finkelstein

    Angst develops in the mind set of JWs because of the constant pressuring emotions and infusion of guilt, fear and shame. Armageddon is coming soon and your not doing enough to help people save their lives and perhaps your own life.

    JWS are simply brainwashed with these thoughts for a specific reason by the Watchtower Corporation for which many never truly realize.


    Co2 levels are rising? Sounds like terraforming to me.... Thanks Elbib..


  • Spiral
    I also agree 100%. The JWs are trained to see the bad in everything. Today's talk, I have no idea what the subject was supposed to be, except "everything is baaaaaaad because the bible tells us so. And getting woooooorse. Life is so haaaaaaard. Paradise will arrive right on schedule even if it's after you are dead." It certainly creates and perpetuates a certain mindset.
  • talesin

    Happiness is a choice. Part of the deprogramming needs to be focused on how to change your outlook to positive.

    Many people experience angst nowadays (in western culture). It has become a hallmark of the American landscape because of 9/11 and the way it has been handled. Negativity can be found anywhere if you look for it. It's better to see life in a positive light, and work towards changing the negative.

    Do exJWs exhibit over-exaggerated qualities of angst? From reading this board, if that is a true barometer, I would say no more or less than the average person. It all depends on your locale and social set. If you live in Detroit, and are from a steelworker's family, well, you may be experiencing that feeling. And I can't blame you.

    Read "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger. It's all about the subject, and many-layered, which is why it's such a famous novel. Education is a wonderful thing.

    We, as a group, are generally a positive bunch. This would make a good 'local needs' talk, though! LOL! :P

  • cofty
    Do exJWs exhibit over-exaggerated qualities of angst?

    No but that wasn't my point.

    JWs do.

  • talesin
    No but that wasn't my point.

    Thank you for pointing out my egregious error. I had misread so many of the others' comments about retaining this attitude. How stupid of me. I'm so sorry. OOPS.

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