Angst and the Jehovah's Witness Mindset

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  • prologos
    agonizing angst, angst to make it to the meeting on time, aengstlich to make the monthly hours, anxious to please the elders, your husband, your wife, angst to miss the boat or fire-resistant vessel at Armageddon, angst to carry bloodguilt. angst to anger the deity
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    This was an elevated O.P, written in such a way, that not only understood the " captive mind" but also recognized it's predicament.Therefore the O.P was for me, not a message of misery but hope, that a person can become alive to their personal sensibility and sensitivity, but a person can only really do this  if they are allowed to make mistakes, to fail miserably and this is something you can not do if you live a life of anxiety and dread in the watchtower.

    The above does have a certain irony, for many of the witness I see standing by the cart drinking a coffee and talking amongst themselves really do see them selfs as living in a spiritual paradise. Yet the irony is nothing could be further from the truth, They have no concept that there is a better and brighter light when you sit down with yourself and collect your own thoughts, and discover your true self.

    The Rebel.

  • Phizzy

    A great O.P and great Thread, thanks once again Cofty !

    That feeling of angst soon goes when you free your mind from the baleful influence of the JW cult.

    I realise now that my depression toward the end of my JW life was fed by that angst, fed until it grew to dangerous suicidal proportions. How many of today's JW's are actually in danger in a similar way ?

    Carrying around angst and Cognitive Dissonance is a huge burden for the Mind to bear. And yet, as a JW you do not know you are doing this, something is nagging away at you and making you unhappy, but you do not identify it.

    There are millions out there who could benefit from reading this Thread, and from gaining happiness and contentment by acting upon the illumination it casts upon the JW "condition".

  • EdenOne

    Great OP and I agree.

    Perhaps it's the prevalence of angst that explains why so many JW's suffer from anxiety-related ailments: depression, bipolarity, fibromyalgia, etc


  • Vidiot

    One of the problems is that authoritarian leaders thrive on that mindset, whereas authoritarian followers - in the long run - most assuredly do not (even if they don't know it).

    This results in a majority who are constantly burning themselves out trying to maintain a level of activity that a minority find easy.

  • talesin

    I had to reread your OP this a.m., something is wrong with this picture. Yup. Just what is your point? Never mind, you're so obvious.

    In your OP, you said: Angst will continue dominate the thinking of ex-JWs until they give up utopian fantasies.

    Yet, this is the comment you make after my post, directly contradicting yourself.

    Do exJWs exhibit over-exaggerated qualities of angst?
    No but that wasn't my point.
    JWs do.
    btw, there's a grammar error in that sentence, with the verb tense.    It should read "Angst will continue to dominate..." or "Angst will continually dominate ..."  or "Angst will continue dominating ..."    

  • talesin
    Great OP and I agree.
    Perhaps it's the prevalence of angst that explains why so many JW's suffer from anxiety-related ailments: depression, bipolarity, fibromyalgia, etc

    Bipolarism and fibromyalgia are NOT anxiety-related illnesses.

  • cofty
    there's a grammar error..

    That's genuinely pathetic Talesin.

    It wasn't a grammatical error it was a typo. The word "to" got deleted in editing.

  • talesin

    Yes, it is pathetic for you to try and make me look stupid. You even lied to in the process.

    Shame on you!

  • Simon
    Talesin: your ridiculous obsession with Cofty is becoming tiresome, please cut it out. You are only making yourself look stupid.

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