Angst and the Jehovah's Witness Mindset

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  • cofty
    Just what is your point? - Talesin

    I can't think of any way to make it more clear than I did in my OP.

    Here is the key sentence...

    "It is possible to prosper in the Organisation whether you are a self-effacing introvert or a self-confident extrovert, but it is not possible to remain in the cult unless your mind is dominated by a sense of angst"

    As for ex-JWs, my point is that getting over this sense of angst is the key to ridding yourself of the JW mindset. In my experience in ex-JW forums most people achieve that relatively well. I was not making an observation about the mindset of ex-JWs. There is no contradiction.

    A minority don't tend to get over it. Those who go to other faith groups that view the "world" in a similar way to JWs tend to do less well.

  • EdenOne
    Talesin - Bipolarism and fibromyalgia are NOT anxiety-related illnesses.

    I disagree. Maybe they aren't the sole cause, and maybe not in every case, but they certainly are anxiety-related.

    Regarding Fibromyalgia, Wiki says:

    The cause of fibromyalgia is unknown but believed to involve a combination of genetic and environmental factors with half the risk attributed to each.The condition runs in families and many genes are believed to be involved. Environmental factors may include psychological stress, trauma, and certain infections"

    As for bipolarity, Psychcentral says:

    Bipolar disorder is primarily a biological disorder that occurs in a specific area of the brain and is due to the dysfunction of certain neurotransmitters, or chemical messengers, in the brain. These chemicals may involve neurotransmitters like norepinephrine, serotonin and probably many others. As a biological disorder, it may lie dormant and be activated on its own or it may be triggered by external factors such as psychological stress and social circumstances.


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