Make America Great Again Hats...would you wear one?

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  • minimus

    Shirley, our President donated to National Park Service, Dept. of Education, Dept of Health and Human Services, Dept of Transportation. Per USA TODAY AND SNOPES

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  • LV101

    jp -- I do define "free" as donating! All the tax money I donate is "free" to others but cost me. You know exactly what I meant -- he's not in politics to get rich unlike the wealth/track record history of Clintons, Obamas, etc.

    No - I get what you're saying/lol. I hear my trial lawyer husband say it all the time - it's important but I'm not in trial nor are you. I don't have much time to get all my facts straight w/priorities -- or watch all the news I'd like to but you're fortunate you do.

  • LV101

    I think you should state how Trump is benefitting financially -- that's interesting and we need to know. Where are the facts?! Do tell.

    I do recall Trump's words of donating his salary to couple of charities shortly after he was elected. I couldn't believe as it was the first time I'd heard those words but I'm not up on political facts but will ask those in the know.

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