'Theocratic Careers' and the Covid Pandemic

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  • Vidiot
    Reservations - "I can’t imagine the mental gymnastics some of these folks are performing, and this time next year, after 2 years into it, I can’t wait to see the carnage."

    I think that would be the most schadenfreudy part... seeing the Org brought to its knees by virtually zero effort on our part.

    I mean, seriously... watching them fumble around, trying to desperately adapt to the 21st Century and keep their vital tax-exemption whilst maintaining the fiction of "God's Exclusive Earthly Organization"?

    Mental gymnastics and carnage, indeed.

  • LongHairGal


    You got that right. Let them get a JOB...I partly blame them for the negative way I was viewed in the congregation as somebody who worked full time.

    They harped on the fact that everybody should be a pioneer and direct remarks about not pursuing ‘materialism’ (which is Code for don’t get a decent job/career). Because of the way they felt about people like me.. I would Never have helped out when volunteers were asked to ‘feed the CO’. Yeah?.. They could go eat at a fast food place and order that No. 9 with Fries for all I cared!

  • Overrated

    I wanted a career, never mind that Watchtower and Awake slinging career bullshit! I saw from my teens that it was bullshit when I wanted to go for higher education. But those crying elders. I bet they had a good career or their son got a higher education. It's I good thing I made moves that I did or I would be homeless and jobless. I sit back an laugh at Watchtower now an all the troubles their in and making azzez out of themselves.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I knew a C.O. who actually retired. He literally pocketed as much as he could of the green handshakes and he and his wife were able to make it on social security and all that money they saved. It wasn't even a secret that he lived so tight on just what C.O. expenses the congregations paid for and ate at the kindness of the congregation circuit members.

    I also remember Bethelites who had been forced out of Bethel and returning to the job market. I would sit and talk with them and they would avoid talking "spiritual" and avoid many Watchtower discussions. If not for their former service, they would have been considered "weak."

    Members will again and again be reminded that any sacrifice they made in "this system" will be remembered by Jehovah.

    It won't work to keep former organization Bethelites, C.O.'s, missionaries from rumbling. But it will minimize their doing anything about it. They will want to keep the crumbs of the members' generosity and many of them will keep their dissatisfaction to themselves for the most part.

  • smiddy3

    Welcome to iXav and reservations ,Theocratic careers ,iXav summed it up nicely,JW`s heyday has long passed and its now just fizzling out.

  • LongHairGal


    You and me both! Thankfully, we made the right choices years ago and anybody who criticized and labeled me can be damned. They better go ask their ‘spiritual’ friends for handouts!


    I credit that CO as having more intelligence than many. That’s not to say I like them since I believe they are behind some of the shunning I received because I worked full time.

    As far as the saying that ‘any sacrifice in this system will be remembered..’: that’s just the point. Everybody there did NOT sacrifice. All the older people were collecting a pension or on their way to. This means THEY were in the workforce. But, yet, poverty was preached to ME and other young people there. It was also mostly directed at women. These bastards thought young women were going to do favors for older affluent people and every other User there. (Of course, I refused.)..All these older JWs went to their graves after living a comfortable life. What then happens to the gullible young people who are now retirement age and made no plans?? These affluent hypocrites are not even around to help them!

    I can get down and kiss the floor in gratitude NOW that I was a lousy JW back then who got ‘low hours’ in because of my job and who was labeled and not invited to special gatherings back in the day.🙄

  • Reservations

    JWs have had their heyday.

    The JW religion today will look very different this time next year. This years AGM has got to address the problem.

    Think, sell KH’s = No paying and funding LDC members. And a massive Pay Day $$$$

    Reduce CO visits to 1 a year = Cull half of the COs, and make circuits twice as big. With Assemblies online, it doesn't matter how big the circuit is.

    Reduce in printing = more bethel layoffs

    No Regional conventions = save literally millions per venue. Don’t try and tell me they rake in millions of $$$ per venue. People can’t afford to donate as much as yesteryear.

    Job opportunities in JW land are becoming more and more sparse. And whatever is available, you have to pay the privilege (acting for videos, pay your own way and fund not working for X amount of months)

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with your whole post and the religion will probably look worse in a year.

    I also expect that they will kick out more bethelites. Any bethelites still there should be warned since this has already happened! They better have a plan and some phone numbers on speed dial. The congregations are ALREADY filled with needy people- some former bethelites plus others who never had decent jobs or $aved for their senior years.

    Forgive me, but I find the concept of ‘theocratic careers’ as it relates to the JW religion laughable. A real career has benefits and plans for the future and Retirement.

  • pistolpete

    They better have a plan and some phone numbers on speed dial. The congregations are ALREADY filled with needy people

    What Congregations???

    They haven't had a meeting in over a year. And from what I hear, it might be another year or two before they start having meetings at the local congregation,

    Imagine a Bethelite who is sent home. Told by the Governing Body to go where the need is great.

    BUT-----There's no more preaching door to door so what great need?????

    Where are the Bethelites going to go if they are sent home???

    -------They wish!!!!!!

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, that is true. Since zoom there are no PHYSICAL congregations.

    If they don’t bring back regular meetings in a brick and mortar building - a person will have no place to visit. Also, there won’t be any warm bodies to go up to with an envelope asking for money for somebody who never wanted to work. Gone will be the days a wandering JW could visit a strange hall, sit in the back and then go up to the brothers after the meeting and introduce themselves and give their sob story!

    This new reality should give any irresponsible JWs pause. They simply can no longer count on a physical place or a ‘brotherhood’ who is going to give them money, handouts and a cheap apartment when they fall through the cracks because they never had the financial stability of most people who got regular jobs or careers!

    Even though I couldn’t have foreseen what would happen to the religion, I knew it would be a disaster when JWs who didn’t plan for their future reached retirement age unprepared!

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