'Theocratic Careers' and the Covid Pandemic

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  • Vidiot
    LongHairGal - "...I knew it would be a disaster when JWs who didn’t plan for their future..."

    The entire WTS is generally unable to plan for the future beyond perhaps five years or so, not just individual JWs.

    Their worldview and belief system simply doesn't enable them to (as to do so would - among other things - too strongly imply a lack of faith that The End is nigh).

    It's why, as an organization, they are predominantly reactive, rather than proactive.

  • LongHairGal


    I understand that the religion has the mentality of not planning for the future in general. However, this flies in the face of common sense and is even contrary to that scripture in Proverbs about “the lowly ant” who stores up for itself.

    My issue was they tried to make peoples lives miserable who had a job/career and planned for their future..This is also ignoring the fact that all the older people in the hall back then were collecting their pensions! They sure as hell planned for THEIR future. How come these people got a ‘pass’ but yet I as the Baby Boomer was panned??? ..Maybe hypocrisy and double standards? 🙄

    Hey, maybe I feel this way because I wasn’t raised a Witness! But, I’m certainly GLAD I wasn’t.. I made sure I listened to ‘worldly’ wisdom because I’d be up that famous creek if I had not.. This can never be lightly dismissed or forgotten, not by me anyway!

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