'Theocratic Careers' and the Covid Pandemic

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  • eyeslice

    The Watchtower has always banged on about not pursuing worldly careers and that best career was 'theocratic service. But now I am wondering what line they will take. Let's have look at the options;

    1. Missionary Service
      Not sure if any are being trained at the moment or which countries they can be sent to. Surely, this is not an option in these Covid times.

    2. Bethel Service
      My guess is that there are less than 15,000 worldwide in Bethel service now, so a pretty limited option at the best of times. As far as I can make out Bethels are pretty much locked down at the minute, though I would concede there will be some turnover at the slave-labour level, i.e. the 19 to 26 year olds donkey workers.

    3. Serving Where the need is Great
      I would guess this is pretty much off the table now. So many countries are in locked down and therefore getting into them would be extremely difficult. Even moving in your home country could be tricky but though not impossible.

    4. Construction Work
      Has this been stopped? My guess would they don't really want to get a bunch of people together who could possibly spread Covid. That would be pretty bad press - 300 people at a quick build infected with Covid.

    5. Foreign Language Groups and Congregations
      Don't even think about it - we are told these are their way out. Apparently, they don't produce results and the majority of the foreign targets speak the local language far better than you could ever get to speaking theirs.

    That leaves the old cookie - pioneer service. So, there you have it - your career could be writing letters to people you don't even know, that wouldn't be read, simply tossed in the bin.

    Sounds a great career move to me.

  • Reservations

    The JW religion will never be the same again, that I can guarantee.

    As a current PIMO elder, I’ve seen first hand a monumental attitude shift with the publishers in my cong.

    I can’t imagine the mental gymnastics some of these folks are performing, and this time next year, after 2 years into it, I can’t wait to see the carnage.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hello Reservations--welcome to the site. What do you think of it so far ?

  • Reservations

    Hi Stan, love this site. Been reading for a while, so I’m familiar with the posters.

    Thanks for the welcome.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    " get thee off to a nunnery, " or monastery. Live an ascetic life governed by clock and calendar

    Reservations: hard job

  • Magnum

    Hey Reservations! Loved your post. I don't think it will ever be the same ever, either. In fact, I also believe that in another way it will never be the same. It will never recapture the glory it had in the older days (maybe pre-1995?). Have you been around for a while? it was going down even before the virus. Do you remember the excitement, boldness, etc. of the 1980s, for example?

    Also, what you posted about the "monumental attitude shift" is extremely interesting. And... I can't wait to see the carnage, either. Going to be interesting to see what the next few years hold. I hope you'll stay here and give us your observations/insights.

  • carla

    Eyeslice, lots of lost jobs within dubland! I imagine they will be waxing nostalgic in public and privately jumping for joy.

    Welcome Reservations! "As a current PIMO elder.."- my jw says you don't and can't exist, just not possible

  • Vidiot
    Reservations - "As a current PIMO elder, I’ve seen first hand a monumental attitude shift with the publishers in my cong."

    It's like having a front-row seat to a slow-motion train wreck, I'm guessing. Vidiot

  • iXav
    • Missionary Service : Almost all missionary homes have been sold or closed and most missionaries in parts of Central South America/Africa have been sent packing. Most recent Guilead graduation was field with bethelites or former missionries. Most of them are sent back to the same location or back to some branch office. There was a massive cull in Brookly as well when the started moving to the new HQ.

    • Bethel Service : Recently they closed all bethels in Central America and sent many back to the field aka back home. Massive reduction in the bethel in Mexico and many were not pleased. Before that, the bethel in Mexico printed for Mexico and Central America, with the reduction of the magazines from 1536 pages(per year) to only 46 pages (per year). You read that right, only 3 WT per year with only 16 pages. Calendars, and many publication have been discontinued which means you need less workers.

    • Serving Where the need is Great : Most of those who had plans to serve where the heat is greater have had to rethink that. Many already established would probably have gone back home because of the instability ($$$$)caused by the pandemic

    • Construction Work : Quick builds have been dead for a long time. What seems to be happening is that many congregations are being merged and KHs sold. They sometimes build a new KH and merge multiple congregations into the new hall and just sell the remaining. There is less enthusiasm for members to contribute $$$ to the local congregation since the GB took over the halls and raided the bank accounts of many congregation. Imagine how people felt seeing a KH you contributed to and helped build being sold and the organization pocketing the cash.

    • Foreign Language Groups and Congregations : The lastest update from the GB is that the FL groups and congregation are a waste of time and $$$ so they are closing them down. A lot of disgruntled elders losing their fancy position in the FL field. Now add those elders to main language congregation with a lot of elders and each vying for the little position that is left. Some congregations are huge with 150 to 200 publishers. Very little room to shine. The competition will be interesting
    • Pioneer service : Due to the pandemic and people having a hard time meeting the hours requirement, they have just decided that pioneering has no hour requirement. Just do what you can. The difficulty will be getting those people to get back to active preaching once the pandemic is over. Once you taste the good life, going back to hardship will not be easy

    • Circuit Overseers : The days of the COs are also numbered. With the merging and FL groups being dissolved, that means there will be a reduction in the number of Circuits. Some overseers will be getting the boot sooner or later. Another difficulty for the COs will be going back to visiting each congregation every week when you have experienced over a year of bliss running everything through Zoom. Once the meeting is over, you are home and don't have to deal with spiritually trying to encourage others. The stress level must now be lower.

    That above leaves very little room for those aspiring (ambitious) for spiritual position in the organization. There is little left to reach out to. Even talks are now video sent by the organization for assemblies. You can't add your personal touch and shine like before. The future will be really interesting.

    BTW, only those who have been in the organization long enough will appreciate the shift in the organization strategy. The younger ones (under 30) really wouldn't have a point of reference and they will not share the same point of view.

  • pistolpete

    Another difficulty for the COs will be going back to--


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