JW broadcasting and doubts

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  • JWdaughter

    Colin, my mom was an irregular attender until she had kids. Then she "got serious". Please don't do that to yourself or your children.

    My mom has 3 kids who don't believe as she does. She is regularly cutting one or the other of us (or our kids) off. It is a bully organization and I don't think she believes ANY of it other than that the JWs are better than the rest (lesser of the evils, I guess) For that, she has limited her life, her joy and her experience. Don't do that to you, your partner or your beautiful kids. You want to teach the about Jesus? You can teach them how to follow his good examples (beatitudes, etc) without teaching them to follow any religious doctrine. JWs and others don't get the difference between following Jesus and following a organization or men. Learn what Jesus had to say and leave off the rest of it. Its just religion, it has nothing to do with faith.

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  • OutsiderLookingIn

    Hi Colin, you don't need to return to the Watchtower Corporation to teach your children about God and Jesus. Nowhere does the Bible say that God has an organization. And it certainly wouldn't be one that, as I've learned, has tried to replace Jesus. Sure, they give Jesus a token reference here and there, but they're "the truth". No, Jesus is the truth (John 14:6). And He's the way to the Father, not a speculation-driven end-time publishing company. Continue enjoying life and your beautiful family. All the best!

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