JW broadcasting and doubts

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  • sir82

    met my amazing partner. we have two amazing children.

    Congratulations, but...."partner" and not "spouse"?

    They'll never let you back unless you marry her.

    It's not clear if you were disfellowshipped.

    If not, if you only faded, and you are now living with someone you are not married to, they will almost certainly disfellowship you if you try to come back.

    Reiterating the above - why on earth would you subject yourself to that? Sounds like you have a good life already.

  • Giordano

    As far as I am concerned there are far better churches to expose your children to.

    I would never expose my child to any religion that shuns and that includes the JW's and Mormons.

    Here is a site that will help you understand the reason the Society has a pedophile problem.


    Here are some highlights from the Australian report keep in mind that in the USA there may be thousands of additional cases.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses policies allow child sexual abusers to operate within their congregations without fear that they will be reported to police, according to a new report published by the Australian government.
    The report stems from public hearings held this summer, during which top Jehovah’s Witnesses gave sworn testimony about the organization’s child abuse protocols.
    Since 1950, Jehovah’s Witnesses headquarters in Australia has fielded allegations of child sexual abuse against 1,006 members involving at least 1,800 victims, according to the report. Although 579 members confessed to abusing children, none were reported to police or other authorities.
    “It is the policy and practice of the Jehovah’s Witness organisation … to not report allegations of child sexual abuse to the police or other authorities unless required by law to do so,” the report said.
    Attorney Angus Stewart, who led the inquiry for the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, submitted 77 separate points critical of the Jehovah’s Witnesses policies and practices toward child sexual abuse, and testimony given during the hearings.
    The findings back up those of a Reveal investigation that showed how Jehovah’s Witnesses’ policies have shielded child sexual abusers in the U.S. from prosecution, in some cases allowing them to abuse more children.
    Stewart wrote that the organization had fostered among its followers a sense of distrust of secular authorities. He was especially harsh toward the organization’s internal judicial process, in which a victim of child abuse must confront the abuser in person and is prohibited from bringing anyone along for support during the process.
    “The current documented process for responding to allegations of child sexual abuse in the Jehovah’s Witness organisation is focused largely on the rights and comfort of the accused, with little regard to the requirements of a victim of abuse,” he wrote.
  • OrphanCrow
    colinconfused: we have two amazing children. They are the main reason I wanted to reconnect with Jah because I wanted to teach my children about creation and Jehovah.

    It is obvious that you love your children and want to do what is best for them

    I would suggest that you do some searches, either here on this forum or elsewhere, concerning the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sex Abuse (ARC). The WTS gives the impression that the children are a priority within the organization and yet their policies surrounding how they handles cases of child abuse are woefully inadequate. Ask yourself if this is really the best place for your children

    If your children are lucky enough to avoid the child rapists that are hidden away in the congregations, then they will be unfortunate enough to be exposed to cartoons such as - 'children, give your ice cream money to the organization so we can build more real estate ventures' or 'how to instill a fear of homosexuality in children'

    I understand the need and desire to want the best for our children. That is why I made a decision many, many years ago to not raise my children as JWs - they deserved a better chance than that. And so did I.

    Your desire to provide a religious experience for your children is based upon your own belief that the JWs have 'the truth'.

    Relax. My dad felt the same way as you when I refused to go back to the Kingdom Hall when I was only 13/14. He, too, thought that his daughter should 'have a chance at surviving Armageddon' even tho he had faded himself. That was back in the early 70s. Armageddon didn't arrive in 75, I didn't return to the JWs...and here we are. My dad and I are really, really happy. It broke his heart when I wouldn't continue...he thought I was going to be destroyed....he was wrong and has admitted it several times. Both of our hearts are whole and happy with our decision. And so are both my children. And grandchildren.

    Your children can be and will be happy outside of the WT organization.

    Good luck

    *to add:

    sir: Congratulations, but...."partner" and not "spouse"?
    They'll never let you back unless you marry her.

    It is common to refer to a married spouse as "partner" in today's culture

    "Partner" does not mean that you are not married

  • WTWizard

    Discontinue the study. You are going to be expected to throw away everything that means anything to you once you reach around chapters 11 through 16 in the Washtowel Teach book. From there, you will be doing field circus and, depending on how hardline the conductor is, could take every minute of every day of your time. No more free time. Need to clean? "Find some other time; this time is for joke-hova". Need to fix your car? "Find some other time; this time is for joke-hova". Let something go? "You need to take care of this." "Find some other time for it; this time is for joke-hova."

    Also, once you get past a certain point, they might expect you to start donating and cutting back on your work. Do you want to live in poverty? Do you want donations that do not go down even if your expenses go up or your income goes down? Depending on how hardline the conductor is, you could be reduced to zero extra income, so the first thing that goes wrong could be enough to put you on the streets (remember, no cutting back on donations).

  • Londo111


    What you are seeing if a symptom of a much larger problem.

    This red flag will hopefully give you opportunity to examine the history of the organization as well as the validity of central beliefs (607, 1914, 1919, Faithful Slave, Generation, ect), as well as the org's current scandals and coverups.

  • Gulf Coaster
    Gulf Coaster

    Why have your children live that joyless, isolated, highly-restrictive, fear-mongering, guilt-ridden existence? All to teach them about creation and some deity who is supposed to slaughter billions of people minding their own business?

    No birthday celebrations for them, no going to birthday parties for their friends, no Christmas, no Easter, no Halloween fun, no school holiday artwork or parties, no outside friends, no joining sports teams or groups like the Guides and Scouts, no this, no that, no everything fun and interesting, no no no no ...

    I was in from 9 to 20 and to this day I resent the theft of what should have been the most carefree, innocent and fun years of my life. Instead I got drudgery, isolation, bullying, excruciating boredom and soul-crushing guilt.



    When I was learning TTATT ( The Truth About The Truth ), I went through a phase where I watched all kinds of religious programs. I even watched the Jim Caviezel/Jesus movie.

    The WTBTS monthly broadcast is so inferior to "false religious" films and programming. The only reason JWs believe their programming is "special" is:

    1) Its new to them. After the same boring crap, decade after decade, anything seems better.

    2) JWs are so borderline sociopathic, that any emotionally driven, religitarded, feel-good, after school special seems incredible; so incredible that a miracle is the only explanation.

    Run away......


  • Hadriel

    Colin start with the bible...

    The NWT is well not a bible. There are so many distortions and poorly translated versions it really was eye opening for me.

    Look into the original text, there are many many mis translations that change the meaning for the benefit of the JW narrative. I can give you examples if you wish but I would suggest doing your own more meaningful research :)

  • FayeDunaway

    Hadriel I wrote Colin a pm much like your message!

    Colin, I would also like to say, that INDIVIDUALLY many witnesses are wonderful people (with really awful ones in the mix). There are many witnesses I have personally known that are just trying their best. Most of us here do not hate them at all, we still love them and wish we could still be friends. It is the organization that we don't like. The people who have studied with you are probably very nice. It is their religion which is all screwed up. It would screw up your kid's lives. Let your kids have more options for them than one little choice they HAVE to make or else.

  • DJS


    There are numerous studies, including some conducted by religious based agencies, that suggest atheist parents raise more ethical and compassionate children. Research it.

    Why are you stuck on thinking you need Jesus, Muhammed or some other make believe entity to raise great kids?

    Nothing is further from the truth. As for the dubs, they would be one of the worst choices you could make for guidance in raising healthy children. Nearly 70% of dub children leave the cult when they become adults, and the ones who stay, as Faye states, are often screwed up in profound ways.

    If not for shunning that % would be much higher.

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