You might think that I need help that I have been brain washed.

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    Thanks for posting one person's version of the TruthTM. For that person it works as truth...fine...This is a person who apparently likes to be told what to believe and how to make application of said "truths"...spoon feeding is for babes...IMHO...

    My version of truth is entirely something else....and my Truth works for meeeee!

    Yours is something else again, and yours works for you...etc...

    Thanks for sharing this.


  • Siddhashunyata

    The problem can go very deep. We are dealing with peoples psyche and it is astonishing to see what is in there. For example I just came from a saw mill owned by a disfellowshipped person. I am not disfellowshipped but I went to him and asked for his help in supplying me enough rough sawn wood and small logs to build an 8' x 8' deck (rustic style). He has vast fields of fallen timber and is in the business. I have know him for years but did not have the occasion to speak to him for several years. He said he will not deal with me? Why not? According to him I had once told him " no one tells me (Siddhashunyata) what to do " and that I left the "Truth". I pointed out to him that he was disfellowshipped and I was not. He said "don't play mind games" with me. I said, think about it , I'm being shunned by the shunned. He said, "do you know what I was disfellowshipped for?" I said , no. He said, "neither do I." I said didnt they tell you? He said , who? I said, the ones who disfellowshipped you? He paused and brought his hanging head up and said.. "Oh that's a long story". Then he looked me in the eye as I held out my hand and he would not shake my hand . I left politely . Shunned by the Shunned !!! How sad.

  • garybuss

    Siddhashunyata, Thanks for that story. Your experience matches mine exactly. The most rigid Witnesses I have ever met were the castaways or believing walkaways. They were lost, and now they are lost and alone . . . .

    ESTEE, The psychology of perception . . . . We need to discuss it sometime. Thanks, I am a fan of your posts.

    The Way I See it

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    I would reply that it is certainly their God given right to believe whatever it is that they want - indeed it is even their God given right to impose such a lie upon other people. However, it is also my perogative to speak freely about their influence as it is my firm belief, and inalterable position, that jwism is simply a lie, and a simple one to boot.




    Open for discussion.....anytime!




    Argh! What a weird experience!!! Incredible ignorance!!!


  • Siddhashunyata

    Estee, "weird" and "ignorance" are good choices . This man could be lovable but he has been contaminated by self rightousness, the kind that was rampent during his youth in the 50's and 60's. He had done some circuit work in Canada in his early years and was an Elder when he was disfellowshipped. At one time he remarked ( in a book study ) that the speed of light and the speed of electricity were the same , as shown by the fact that " the light comes on in a room when you hit the light switch". He was always very judgemental and , although I don't know the details , the "word" on the street is that he became publically critical of a Distict Overseer. He may have picked the wrong target. For years his peers allowed him to judge and criticize the lowly publishers on just about anything that did not line up with his personal taste. He once used the instruction talk to point out the dangers of watching the evening news and another time he counseled against reading National Geographic because of the native nudity. This has to be a sick man. Yet he was allowed to counsel and exercise authority for years and years. From beginning to end he must have been in the "Truth" for over 50 years. How many young minds did he degrade and yet his friends protected him until , as it seems true, he picked the wrong target and the political machinery turned against him. Again , this man could be lovable but he is too delusionary to have a real relaionship.

  • LongHauler
    they always try to cover their asses in the most damning way

    In that respect it is my humble belief that they are actually emmulating god. God is the king of covering his ass. ever heard:

    I prayed for something and it came true. Then it was a miracle from god.

    I prayed for something and it wasn't answered. Then it was god's will.

    Dad's cancer is gone. Then it was a miracle from god.

    Dad's cancer is inoperable. Well, its god's will.

    Same shit, different pile.

  • COMF
    I was only ten years figure that one out.

    Uh... hmm... I, um...

    Okay, I admit it... you've got me there. It's a real puzzler.

  • SYN

    Longhauler:'re right you know....

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