I hate it when they say; “Don’t worry, Jehovah will take care of it”

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  • WTWizard

    Joke-hova will take care of everything--for its own chosen people. (And it is not the witlesses, either--it is quite blatant who it is right from your bibles). Joke-hova will use them to enslave the whole earth, under Noahide Law. That thing will take care of that, for sure. Ultimately, joke-hova wants the earth to be a new (undeserved) home for the reptilian race--a disaster for all other life on earth.

    Now, if your needs are left, joke-hova doesn't care. That thing will not take care of that--in fact, all it will do is get you into where it took care of its own (usually in the old testament) in the past, and that will have to be good enough. And joke-hova made the mess in the first place. Unending debt for a singular event (which is fiction), poverty for all except those running the earth into the ground, stifled science, schools that teach rubbish and neglect teaching the necessities, and items that keep breaking are all part of the process leading to your enslavement and due to joke-hova. The "solution" is for us to all live vegan (nutritionally deficient, at that) lifestyles under Noahide Law. Under which it will be a beheading offense to want your needs and wants taken care of.

  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    In the end back any JW into a corner were they might have to use reason and logic and this catchphrase will kick in.

    The magic words that make everything alright, the placebo!

  • Vidiot
    The Bethelite - "...The magic words that make everything alright, the placebo."

    An ideological placebo... really like that.

  • rickroll

    All religions say this BS. It was gods plan, or how about stories where jesus was with someone at a car accident, well WTF was he just before the accident? LMAO. Fake gods all of them. There never has been any proof that a god exists. Stupid stories and people who "feel" god in their life. Every religion feels god that only shows people credit things in their life to fake beliefs in something beyond them self.

  • blondie

    I always love jws that thinks the WTS god cares about individuals. The WTS always says that "as a group" jws will survive Armageddon, no guarantee of individual protection; but they have an out, even if a jw dies during Armageddon, it won't be by execution by the WTS and is helpers, Jesus, the angels, and the 144,000 now all in heaven since the great tribulation (reporting not supporting).

    *** w11 5/15 p. 19 par. 16 Who Is the Most Important Person in Your Life? ***

    As we draw ever closer to the end of this wicked world, more and more of Jehovah’s people are being affected by disasters and tragedies. We do not expect miraculous protection at this time. Even so, like Job, we may find that our hearts are weighed down when we lose loved ones or suffer personal difficulties. 5/15 p. 22 par. 9 The Angels—“Spirits for Public Service” ***

    Angels are ever alert to intervene according to God’s will. They rescued Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Daniel, and Peter but did not prevent the deaths of Stephen and James at enemy hands. (Dan. 3:17, 18, 28; 6:22; Acts 7:59, 60; 12:1-3, 7, 11) The circumstances and issues were different. Similarly, some of our brothers in Nazi concentration camps were executed, whereas Jehovah saw to it that most of them survived.

    *** w07 3/15 p. 24 par. 14 Angels—How They Affect Mankind ***

    Satan has done everything in his power to put an end to the activity of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Yet, as an organization, they have survived such opposition and have prospered. This is, in part, due to the protective shield that the angels have provided.—Psalm 34:7; Daniel 3:28; 6:22.

    *** g96 4/8 p. 27 Can True Christians Expect Divine Protection? ***

    To understand why divine protection is given, we must understand that it is given not simply to enable individuals to live longer but to protect something far more important, the outworking of God’s purpose. For example, the survival of the Christian congregation as a whole is guaranteed because it is closely linked with the fulfilling of that purpose. However, Christ plainly told his disciples that they as individuals could face death because of their faith. After stating this, Jesus stressed, not miraculous deliverance, but ‘endurance to the end.’ (Matthew 24:9, 13) The fact that some individuals were protected, while others were not, does not indicate that God is partial. God simply used the person who was in the best position to accomplish his purpose, which ultimately will benefit all mankind.

    *** g02 4/8 p. 13 Should Christians Expect Divine Protection? ***

    Should Christians expect God to rescue them miraculously in every case of impending disaster? The Bible record does not support such an expectation.

    How many missed the excepting phrase, “as a group” or “as a whole”?

    *** w98 12/15 p. 22 When Armed Robbers Strike ***

    While Jehovah protects his people as a whole, he does not intervene in every case to shield his servants from robbery. Job was outstandingly faithful, yet God allowed marauders to plunder Job’s livestock, with loss of life to the attendants. (Job 1:14, 15, 17)




    This prophecy about the great tribulation strengthens us. Why? Because it assures us that no matter what hardships we may face, Jehovah’s people, as a group, will come out of the great tribulation.



    Jehovah has promised to help, protect, and save his people as a group, and we believe that he will keep his promise. (Psalm 37:28; 91:1-3) There will be a great crowd of people who will survive “the great tribulation.”

  • millie210

    Its such a hodge podge of mixed together reasoning.

    "Jehovah will take care of it"

    "If Jehovah lets us die we can be resurrected"

    etc etc etc

    I have come to see all of this as being in the same category as fairy tales and magic potions.

    There is massive allure in believing that things will work out and you don't actually have to do anything.

    Except for wish on a star or maybe burn a feather while chanting, and let's not forget the modern one, pray.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    They don't live in a way that indicates they actually believe the world will not last more than a few years

    Spot on! And that’s been the case throughout my lifetime at least. There were those back in 1914 who didn’t plant next year’s crops, but since then most JW’s have hedged their bets.

    There are exceptions of course, like those who sold their homes in the 1970s to pioneer till the end and sadly paid the price. ‘Jehovah will take care of it' is similar to the WT's other favourite piece of advice, ‘seek first the kingdom and everything else will be added to you’.

    In this case however, they cannot hide behind the ‘group’ thing that blondie has pointed out, for that is definitely aimed at the individual. Of course, anyone naïve and stupid enough (like me when I was young) to take that at face value quickly learns that nothing is added, except hunger pains.

  • Vidiot
    LongHairGirl - "...I don’t feel obligated to wake any of them up, that’s on them. They have all the same resources available that I had to wake up..."


    I realized very early in my fade that trying to justify said fade to any JWs I knew would be a waste of time and detrimental in the effort, so (luckily) I skipped that step.

    Not everyone does in their WTexit.

  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    Please come back and drink the Kool-Aid with the rest of us then you will see...

    Then you will see...

  • EverApostate

    Jehovah didn’t take care of the Christians who were supposedly thrown to the lions, in the first century.

    Jehovah didn’t take care of the thousands of JWs who were systematically tortured and killed by the Nazis.

    Jehovah still didn’t take care of satan, who is misleading the entire earth.

    Jehovah’s work is still banned in china, Russia, Singapore , North Korea, Saudi Arabia… Jehovah is working out strategic plans, for the past 60 years, to lift the ban and announce his imminent kingdom in those lands.

    But Jehovah will take care of the 21st century active JWs, who put in their minimum 10 hours field service and contribute money to the Kingdom work.

    Jehovah only protects his people as a group, not individuals. Wondering how many constitute a group, as per Jahs holy math. Can someone help me with this ?

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