Should I just tell my parents

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  • redvip2000

    It might be best to plan for a slow exit strategy instead of slamming the door, since this might cause some negative reaction from your family.

    However, if you do want an immediate end, then i suggest taking the approach of telling your family that according to what you see, the Watchtower society does not have Jehovah's blessing and is not following his direction.

    In my experience this disarms JWs, since the thought of "leaving Jehovah" does not fit well within that concept. Of course this means, you will need to be able to support your position by picking 2 or 3 incriminatory points and be able to defend them with evidence.

    I did this myself initially and my family, didn't exactly know what to say, since my point was that I wanted to do what Jokehova wanted, and thus I could not follow the Watchtower.

  • BlackWolf

    Thanks everybody, I'm feeling much more calm today and I'm going to try to lay low for a bit after what happened last night.

    The reason i want to be with my aunt is because she went through the same thing as me and would understand. She was raised in "the truth" but never got baptized and faded away. My grandparents don't shun her, only my Dad does. My grandma even told my dad that he was tearing the family apart, but of course he blamed it on her instead because he's a jerk.

    Im not very close to my aunt anymore because of my dad but I'm trying to contact her through Facebook. She lives all the way in Iowa though and I live in Florida so its not like I can make a quick getaway but with some careful planning I'm hoping that I can move there when I turn 18. I don't feel bad about leaving my parents, I only feel guilty about leaving my three younger siblings. I'm sure some of them will leave eventually too, my brothers obviously dislike the meetings.

    I'm almost done with my homeschooling ( I do an online program, so I get a diploma and everything) so I'm not going back to public school. As soon as I graduate I'm planning on doing an online vet tech course ( its only for two years so my parents don't completely dissaprove) so that when I go to Iowa I can get a decent job.

    Anyways thanks for reading all of my random rants, its nice to have people who care. :)

  • OneEyedJoe

    Sounds like you've got a good head about you, you'll do well. I wish you all the best.

  • kairos

    two words:

    Bus Ticket

  • BlackWolf

    Kairos: If only it were that easy, but it isn't :(

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    You should make it your secret mission to educate your brothers before you leave so they have a reasonable grasp on things and dont rush to baptism just to please others (or at all preferably).

  • pbrow

    Blackwolf... I was a born in who did everything right to appease all those around me, didnt rock the boat because of what I would lose. I didnt see what I would gain by leaving. I remember the teens who at 14,15, 16 who said "fuck it" and got on with their lives. I am 38 now and have run into a few of them over the years and they barely remember me but I never forgot them. They chose their path and never looked back.

    As odd as it may seem, even though I dont know your parents, I know your parents. If your aunt is on board then go for it. Do not waste another minute of your life allowing yourself to be minimized by parents who have their head so far up their ass they cannot see the forest for the trees. You can feel bad for them, they are in a cult, they dont know any better... blah blah blah... When your parents say you are being influenced by satan they are literally judging your thoughts, feelings and actions as evil. If that is not abuse I do not know what is.

    You seem to know it. Now act on it. I can only look back with regret at my almost willful ignorance in choosing not to make a stand.

    Only you can determine what is best for you. Good luck. Remember, tomorrow is another day even if its tough to see past the decisons we make today.


  • BlackWolf

    Thanks that is very encouraging! As soon I save up some money and get a car, I am out of here. You are right, I can't spend my life trying to please others.

  • Incognito
    As soon I save up some money and get a car, I am out of here.

    Rethink your priorities as a car will consume plenty of money so that you probably won't have much left for anything else. Leaving is not dependent on a car.

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