Today's Watchtower Study 25 June " Do You Share Jehovah's Sense of Justice?" April 2017 issue

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    How many JWs would have spotted the glaring contradiction between what the bible actually says and Watchtower's claim that Jehovah does not punish the sons for the sins of the father?

    Just last week they were spinning a scripture in Ezekiel to say that God never punishes the future generations for the sins of the wicked. But some of the scriptures cited in this week's Watchtower study shows Jehovah clearly and explicitly talking about bringing calamity on Ahab's future generation for his sin.

  • waton
    bringing calamity on Ahab's future generation for his sin.

    his sins included not reigning in the reign of his wife, who was supposed to be a helper, not a hinderer.

    kids paying for parent's ever since the talking snake. dearly.

    wt giving greater privileges to known disqualified elders? pedophiles even? wt compounding their culpability in the coming judgement. (if any)

  • dbq407

    I got a kick out of how they talked about first century "elders" and the "governing body" in the first centuy. No where does the bible talk about either of these men does it? They apply their new school words to the old school bible to manipulate peoples thinking.

    Also someone made a comment about the opening picture and how some had beards and others did not, and how they were supposed to be accepting of that. Funny how no one accepts anyone with a beard today though.

  • waton

    I got a kick out of how they talked about first century "elders" and the "governing body" in the first century.

    yeah, Peter getting "assignments" ha ha. and of course:

    The member of the Governing Body: Peter, openly, publicly challenged in a congregation. try that today. or just sending a letter, with well meant suggestion, where they might be wrong!?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The Apostle Paul if you ask me was a real religious fanatic! He's the one who acts like a self appointed authoritarian over how to worship the Deity, and starts make all kinds of threats to anyone who doesn't follow his made up rules even telling other members in public letters to different congregations he help form, to kick out certain people, and stop having fellowship with them unless the live right according to his rules. And thus trashed the words of his Deity Jesus whom he claims choose him to be a apostle, were he said to the Parrisees basically: stop judging people because you are too harsh and have rafters in your own eyes hypocrites. Paul highly narcissistic attitude made him have big beefs with anyone who questioned his authority and so we can see why he was quick to jump on Peter's ass to dominate him and to prove Paul is the better man than even Peter.

    A definite prototype of the thick headed self grandising GB.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    That rafter Jesus talks about never seems to apply to an elder's eye, does it.

    Reminds of the elder who criticized my husband to me. My husband had a work van so he could haul floor maintenance equipment. The elder's son in law did not have a van or equipment but he wanted to work for Steve. So Steve hired him to strip and wax floors because he did a good job - even though Steve would have to take the equipment and drop it off at the job for the guy to use.

    The elder said Steve and I were too materialistic, that we were working so many hours striving to pay for things like a van. "What do you need that van for, my son in law does fine and HE doesn't have a van!"

  • LongHairGal


    Who are they kidding? There is no justice in this religion. In fact, I think there is more justice in the imperfect world.

    The JW religion is filled top to bottom with people deluded enough to think they can do anything and imagine they can be forgiven for it and that the other person is obliged to forgive. They will blame Adamic sin. They feel the new system will make it all "right" and the other person should get over it....They also feel death acquits them from sin. While this last may be true the problem is that an unaccountability runs through the whole religion. This is why I wanted no dealings with anybody there.

    Any "new system" would only be a continuation of the same - and on a worldwide scale..Sounds like a disaster to me.

  • smiddy

    An incident is brought to the attention of the Elders of a child sexual abuse. in a congregation.Handle it in-house we dont want to bring reproach on Jehovahs name.

    Justice in the name of Jehovah

    Many accounts of crimes committed against minors of sexual abuse in many congregations in a Country reported to the Legal department in Brooklyn ,keep it in house as we dont want to bring reproach on jehovahs name.

    Justice in the name of jehovah.

    A flood of sexual abuse cases of children in congregations all over the world pouring into the legal department of branches in different countries then sent on to the Governing Body in the USA and the response is ,if it is mandatory to report in your jurisdiction do so ,otherwise keep it in in-house as we dont want to bring reproach on Jehovahs name now do we.

    Jehovahs justice in action,

    A common statement by Elders "Leave it in Jehovahs hands he will rectify it in his good time " in other words do nothing to get the justice you deserve.

    Imperfect human beings seem to have a better sense of justice than Jehovah.

  • AverageJoe1

    In the example of Naboth, the Israelites were used to God intervening directly so if he was allowed to live then Naboth's relatives would have known for sure that God had his reasons and not to go against them.

    Today God does NOT intervene in human affairs, despite what the WTS would have you believe. That's the whole point of Satan being in control of the world, no? Therefore, when (not "if") injustices are committed by the elders, by no means should you put up with it.

    Of course my comments are directed at those who still believe in God, otherwise it's just a moot point.

  • eyeuse2badub

    So jehober allows, good men, Naboth and his sons to be slaughtered by the wicked but he forgives the wicked? wtf! Oh, I forgot, Naboth and his sons will be resurrected a couple of thousand years after being killed! Wow what justice!

    just saying!

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