Today's Watchtower Study 25 June " Do You Share Jehovah's Sense of Justice?" April 2017 issue

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  • BluesBrother

    Same theme scripture as last week Deut 32. 3/4 "A God... who is never unjust"

    Do I share that spirit ? Like all decent people, I try to. Does the WTS? .. You decide .

    We start with an injustice in the Bible. The King Ahab conspires to have NAboth killed and then take his vineyard . (1 Kings 21) . The question is , what about injustices today in the WTS ( At least they accept that they may happen)

    What if you believe that someone close to you has been unjustly treated by the elders? p 10 & 11 uses the words humble or humility no less than five times :

    Such situations can test our faith in Jehovah and in his organizational arrangement. How will humility protect you if you face such a test? Consider two ways.


    First, humility will move us to acknowledge that we do not have all the facts. No matter how much we know of a situation, only Jehovah can read a person’s figurative heart. (1 Sam. 16:7) Our awareness of this undeniable truth will prompt us to be humble, to recognize our limitations, and to adjust our view of the matter. Second, humility will help us to be submissive and patient as we wait on Jehovah to correct any true injustice. It is as the wise man wrote: “It will turn out well for those who fear the true God . . . , but it will not turn out well for the wicked one, nor will he prolong his days.” (Eccl. 8:12, 13) Certainly, a humble response is in the best spiritual interests of all concerned
    Be humble "they must be right, I must be wrong" attitude . Jehovah reads hearts, but can the elders? My personal experience in these committees tells me that they can be very hit or miss sometimes.

    We next discuss Apostle Peter being corrected by Paul for favouring the Jewish Christians above the others... The lesson is ? Par 18

    As was true in the first century, there are no perfect elders in the modern-day Christian congregation, “for we all make mistakes many times.” (Jas. 3:2, ftn.) We may readily acknowledge this fact, but the challenge is when we are personally affected by the imperfections of a brother. In such a situation, will we reflect Jehovah’s view of justice? For example, how will you respond if an elder makes a remark that hints at a degree of prejudice? Will you allow yourself to be stumbled if an elder thoughtlessly makes a statement that offends or hurts you? Rather than quickly concluding that the brother no longer qualifies as an elder, will you patiently wait on Jesus, the head of the congregation? Will you put forth the effort to see the bigger picture, perhaps reflecting on the brother’s many years of faithful service? If a brother who sins against you continues to serve as an elder or even receives additional privileges, will you rejoice with him? Your willingness to forgive may well reflect Jehovah’s view of justice.— Matt 6 14,15

    Interesting this....Racist elders? shock horror! but the flock are supposed to forgive this most basic of human shortcoming....

    Matt 6 14& 15 tells us to forgive trespasses . A trespass in their "Insight Book" can be called a blunder..a minor offense like a misdemeanour in U.S law . Since racism and prejudice betray attitudes of mind, I say it is not a simple slip of the tongue, a blunder, it is more serious and definitely questions his suitability as an elder... Still, anything goes these days.

    So... whatever the injustice in your congregation, just sit up shut up and be obedient . You know they are always right.....Don't you?

    Experienced old dubs are not so easily fooled!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    So basically excepting unquestionably every decision that the Watchtower corporation secret kangaroo court system makes even if it wrong, is a sign of humility and godly fear. How self serving!

    Are these guys fucking crazy or what?(writing department lacks scruples) Paradise with eternal life doesn't seem that appealing if more of the same type of injustices will prevail with an always wait on Jehovah and do nothing posture about anything the ruling class does.

    This Corporation is run by totalitarian despots who want their subjects to be uncomplainingly obedient or else face a DF'n for complaints or non compliance.

  • FedUpJW

    They could have saved a lot of ink by just printing one sentence.

    "We're right. You're wrong. Suck it up or GTFO cupcake!"

  • Splash

    "Wait on Jehovah". "Wait on Jesus".

    Where are they getting these convenient phrases from?

    In their example Paul didn't wait on Jehovah, he got straight to it and corrected Peter? He saw an elder doing wrong and addressed it. Fancy trying to twist this example to suit the WT agenda of "just do as you're told"!

    Jehu, bald headed Elisha, Jael and countless others didn't wait on Jehovah. These things were written for our instruction.

    Of course it is completely different if a non-elder does something wrong. Now the instruction is to 'fess up, humble yourself and take your punishment.

    The elders really are untouchable lords over the congregation.

  • waton

    Jezebel got licked by dogs, posthumously, and according to revelation, in the lord's day , since 1914, she is still alive and well in at least 10% of the congregations.

    waiting on "Jehovah" has it's perks.

  • Sanchy

    "Do you share Jehovah's sense of justice?"....

    Lemme see... Six thousand years ago, some lady and her husband ate an apple from a tree, angering the Creator for it and thus God proceeded to inflict humanity with isolation and calamity. The results of the punishment having been billions of humans dying throughout history, suffering, disease, natural disasters, war, poverty, injustice, birth defects and the list goes on and on. All because some chick and her man ate a fruit.

    If this is God's justice, then no, I do not share such a sense.

  • steve2

    Bottom line: There is no acceptable venue for those with legitimate concerns over elders' attitudes and manner to air those concerns.

    To rub it in, those with the concerns are not encouraged to try to resolve their concerns; instead they are expected, among other things, to even "rejoice" when an elder stirring up concern, gains more "privileges".

    This is mad-making stuff.

  • scratchme1010

    Do You Share Jehovah's Sense of Justice?

    No, I'm a decent person.

  • darkspilver

    Wonder why they used the example of Ahab?

    What 'justice' did Ahab's sons get?

    (1 Kings 21:27-29) As soon as Aʹhab heard these words, he ripped his garments apart and put sackcloth on his body; and he went on a fast and kept lying down in sackcloth and walking despondently. 28 Jehovah’s word then came to E·liʹjah the Tishʹbite: 29 “Have you seen how Aʹhab has humbled himself on my account? Because he has humbled himself before me, I will not bring the calamity during his lifetime. I will bring the calamity upon his house in the days of his son.”
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The guy or guys who are writing this stuff are clearly some brainwashed/indoctrinated sick fucks that need a serious ass wuppin.

    To encourage this type of loyalty to corporation directives seems totally evil on the part of those who were responsible for writing this utter sicko bull shit. They need some serious psychological help because they are definitely on the road to perdition.

    I'm sure the GB rule with an iron fist at Bethel with no one allowed to complain,, only allowing up building conversations about what the Corporation and it leaders are doing. Another word the place is a living hell full a brain dead obedient ass holes that can't complain and only speak praise of the ruling minority,, god fearing humble obedient ass holes that will eat shit,,, if the GB tells them to.

    God I hope the GB see their day in court where this shit can be used to lock them up and throw away the fucking key.

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