Today's Watchtower Study 25 June " Do You Share Jehovah's Sense of Justice?" April 2017 issue

by BluesBrother 20 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • waton
    Naboth and his sons will be resurrected a couple of thousand years after being killed! Wow what jus....eu2bad:

    make that 3000 years, and of course Ahab and Jezebel will be there too., grinning, because Ahab, like David, is the new wt darling, like them real estate mongers, and getting away with murder.

    bsw, guess who the meek are that will inherit the Earth?-- you guessed it: the anointed aka wt corporation. (F&DS) so: trusting jws, prepare yourself, experienced Ahab, Jezebel your possible real estate administrators in the new earth! lucky you.

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