Another JW "friend" bites the dust

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    Just think about that, will you?
    His religion predicted THE END and he remained another 40 years thinking it was going to come "soon."

    Yeah, many many of us know someone like that, often our family members. My mother would be one of those.
    Some get awake and some double down on their hopes when the date doesn't arrive as expected.

    My dad is going thru loss of people he worked with and lost touch with passing away. His union emails list anothrr one biting the dust virtually every week or two. It's that part of life we must accept as it reminds us that we are going to be the one biting the dust one day.

    My meetup group just honored the passing of one of our ex-JW's, only 62 years old. She will be missed. My wife tells me a bunch of names of people I knew from the congregation that have passed.

    Most JW's now are older ones who were sure the end was soon. So it will happen more and more.

    Sorry for your loss. Sounds like a good friend lost and then lost again to the reaper.
  • baldeagle

    Terry, sorry for your loss.

  • TerryWalstrom

    Thanks to all and especially for the detective work.
    I hope I don't find myself in a long queue like Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians. (Gulp).

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Terry, So very sorry for your loss.

    I used to like a lot of people, most everybody in fact. I was a people person, caring and interested.

    Several weeks ago, I decided my old friends are not going to show up here on this site.

    For obituaries, I did them by the whole country by only using one key word in the search. I used Jehovah. Never less than one hundred deceased members of US KHalls show up when I did a weekly search.

    Some people I have yearned to talk to, to see once again, to hug but the fickle way life really is, I have decided, I most likely will only hear of them when I read of their demise from their obituary.

    How many ways can I say I hate you WT for your controlling, stupid rules. Your man made up religion that messes with human beings lives.

    WT you are shameful.

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