WTC has become adept at using tragedy as a means of raising cash.

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  • blondie

    Even if jw congregations did send the money, the WTS can funnel that money into anything they feel has a priority, not necessarily to Puerto Rico jws.

    The same is true of any donations to the Worldwide Work of the WTS.

  • Finkelstein

    As a GB member once said .... " Jehovah is a great God " ........ for us .

  • LongHairGal


    In any event, how can we EVER know how much of the donated funds and assistance actually get to the people in the disaster zone??.. I would like to think it’s the majority. This is the mystery.

    BTW, I like your new picture!

  • Atlantis


    the WTS can funnel that money into anything they feel has a priority



    See bottom of paragraph:

    "However, it would be appreciated if such donations are made without restrictions as to where and how the funds may be used.”

    2013-11-20-Letter download:

  • rickroll

    They will rebuild the halls and then have the bros take out loans to pay them for their efforts and slap themselves on the back.

  • atomant

    and if by some miracle a hall survived dorian it will be seen as miraculous intervention by Jehovah.

  • Atlantis



    Your both right!


  • AndersonsInfo
    The following is an answer to a few questions:
    Congregation Coordinators said that $1500 was the amount the Branch requested from each congregation. It was a BIG DEAL to get volunteers out picking up the items on the list provided by the Branch. Lots of dried and canned foods, water and tarps, etc. all had to be palletized and shipped to holding facilities until they could could be loaded on cargo ships headed to PR.

    Some trucks were also donated for shipping by boat to PR but the trucks were not used after being shipped because the entire effort was canceled by the Branch. The new plan was to sell all collected items to liquidators. The warehouse was closed and all the donated items are gone. No money was reimbursed to congs that donated.

  • Finkelstein

    Why is it that in so many times anything to do with money and JWS/WTS there's instilled corruption and dishonesty ?

    Is it because they are counting on Jesus to redeem them for their self inherent sins ?

    I use to know a lot of JWS who sinned with some form of money involvement.

  • Diogenesister

    Finklestein please tell us about these corrupt JWs. In my experience very few JWs are generous. There is always one or two who take up the slack in every congregation. There are also quite a few ready to take advantage of guileless ones, too. Greedy JWs who own business yet pay their JW workers minimum wage. They also try to avoid paying any maternity leave or sickness, too.

    It seems no JWs are willing to question these “orders” from on high to liquidate donations. No one willing to stand and be counted and keeps all the “receipts” so when it goes public we can all see the proof.

    Is there any p.i.m.o.s willing to tell their story who as involved in this liquidation of donated goods?

    Maybe Paul Grundy could do a story on it on JWfacts since I’m sure p.i.m.o.s would trust him.

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