WTC has become adept at using tragedy as a means of raising cash.

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  • dozy

    Does the USA have the same system as the UK in that the congregations pay virtually all donations to the branch , just keeping a very small sum for essentials? Also - sorry to be dumb - but what does WTC stand for? Watch Tower Corp?

  • blondie

    I do believe the WTS requires jws to send their money to their local branch. In the US that is in NY.

  • LongHairGal


    I actually met a few of these manipulators!

    It’s frightening, really, what some Witnesses thought they were going to get away with with their gullible brothers. They were going to steal from their brothers in the name of God and religion and imagined they weren’t going to be taken to court!...I refused to have any dealings with anybody there as I had no intention of being victimized.

    I notice that some JWs were generous with hospitality but there was a catch involved: they needed people to do favors for them, eg. brothers to move furniture.

    As for your observation that few JWs were generous, maybe that’s payback for the religion’s stand against careers..If somebody is criticized because they make a good living and aren’t pioneering, WHY on earth should they give anything to anybody there?

  • LV101

    Yes - they think those who have something they WANT have to 'share' with them - many are there to fleece. I learned hard and fast. They're too lazy to get a real job plus they want to waste time with the mucky-mucks in field service knowing they have to lock step to fit into the clique. They make the worldly folk look wonderful - and many are but there are some good JWs who are ethical and have a fear of god (whatever) or good conscience/good people whether you fit into their comfort zone/world or not. They are rare. Most only act decent when they want something. I experienced this more than I care to recall -- heard this so much from a couple that were in the medical world (professionals) - JWs are full of stage work.

    Like I was told by a PO - avoid situations hiring/dealing -- avoid all those situations so I learned to duck but was hounded by elders on their own initiative to help this loser or another -- it's quite a con game inside. Some of those good hearted elders pimp for their faves and I know their intentions were good -- until they learned otherwise! They don't care if they rob or snob you (the cons) because you have to forgive them - (oh - and it's a family) what a concept!

  • Butyoucanneverleave

    I saw on the news when they were reporting about the devastation in the Bahamas that there were a lot of Jehovah's witnesses holding up signs saying that Jehovah is great and that he loves you. They can't wait to jump right in when there is some type of tragedy. Potential converts!

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
    I notice that some JWs were generous with hospitality but there was a catch involved: they needed people to do favors for them, eg. brothers to move furniture.

    Same here,will be invited for a meal then asked to help with painting/decorating/ gardening/ tree cutting/hedge trimming/ floor scrubbing/car repairs.You name it I have done it or hear someone has been lured into it ! Some of them are really very selfish. As soon as I caught on, I refused turning up...then the invited started fading.

    Faux Love Never Fails!(to amaze me)


  • LV101

    Too bad people in these devastated areas can't be warned by their government -- maybe their news/broadcasting stations need to be notified. The converts will be wasting money giving it to the cult.

  • LongHairGal


    I could spot the fleecers a mile away! Always a line of bullshit with these people trying to sound ‘spiritual’!..When they are new in a congregation and nobody knows the REAL story, they can fool first. Once everybody knows, maybe after two years or sooner, they have to move on because nobody will give them a cent and somebody may give them a talking-to.

    Regarding people in disaster areas: it would be nice if they could be warned like you say! Who knows?


    I also sometimes refused these offers of ‘hospitality’..Believe me, what you gave in time and favors was worth more than the meal served...I also refused invitations to attend gatherings for multi-marketing things because you felt obligated to buy something you didn’t want.. Of course, the invitations dried up but who cares? These people weren’t really friends but just looking to make a living off the ‘friends’...If “association” in the JW religion had these types of $trings attached, I wasn’t interested.

  • LV101

    LongHairGal - I hear ya loud and clear. A couple of very, good, people, JWs used to laugh at me when I assumed the people were honest and trying desperately to be in god's favor/bla/bla -- I saw through the con artists' crazy but didn't want to see it - initially! It was always funny when these good-people JWs were dealing with the same thing and the line was always, 'JWs aren't perfect but at least they're trying, right'! Oh my - it's endless.

    I could have written a book after 6 mos! It's very hard on one's physical/mental health trying to rationalize the evil and the stage productions at the hall. It's show business for many of them - they're not good actors! A family member of mine recalls my saying moons before I was ever serious about it the meetings were nothing but sales meetings - it's true.

  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Corporation is the model which many JWS learn and adapt toward lying pretentiousness with a front of righteous virtue and ironically that's the organization which they hide behind to create a righteous persona/character .

    Its all smiles and love within the brothers and sisters at the kingdom hall and service but when it comes to MONEY that love seem to always seemingly disappear.

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