WTC has become adept at using tragedy as a means of raising cash.

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Get This Longhairgal

    Once when I was moving house to a different town,I was selling all my good furniture n things that were in really good condition as I had pretty recently upgraded my house n all (did not see this move coming ) .Practically selling everything I did not need or fit in the other house. A couple of jdumbs just turned up to take things away with a van saying "we can talk about money afterwards as the vanhire is already here." I needed the money so bad and so I just refused to let them in without handing me my cash.They did not like this at all, went and blabbered to an eldeumb who calls me to sort of tell me off for wasting this couples money on the van hire and losing out on a potential buyer! Boy was I boiling inside. I sold all my stuff to worldly people who treated me with utmost respect and were decent.

    To top this a dumb elder tried to sell me his rusty,battered old car, which was nearly ready for the yard, for $1000 (not that I could afford it but he put it this way that I will need a car in the new town to get around (bear in mind I did not have a car even before then). I have never had a car in my life but do know some repairs and maintenance of a car. Some of the things that happened to me just blows me away.Why could I not see TTATT!


  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    You were wise Longhairgal while I was young,naive n foolish. Spent a lot of my money n time on these jdumbs!The only comfort I am still young but wiser from experiences.


  • LongHairGal


    Wow, these JWs turned up at your house to take away YOUR belongings for nothing or next to nothing!? Was it you who told them to hire a van?.

    They expected you to be a pushover and I’m glad you stood your ground.. To hell with the idiot elder who thought he was going to tell you YOUR business..This is what happens when there are no boundaries...(Note for future:..Cash only and never accept a personal check. Everything As Is, No Refunds).

    I am glad you got out of the religion while you are young. Good for you!..I certainly don’t miss any of this.

    [Sorry for derailing the thread and lets not forget what the original post was about: JWs capitalizing on natural disasters to get people to contribute MORE money.]

  • LV101

    I saw through it but couldn't believe -- assumed (stupid) it was my test -- that and everything else! I clearly wasn't on my toes like you were LHG! You win the prize - I got tough in the end, believe me. Also, having a child and nephew/niece posed another set of problems. Mostly my own child dealing with them at school and the evil -- some messed up JW kids - worldly parents even had issues with a particular hardliner's brat(s) and co-JW friend. It wasn't the kids' fault -- bad parenting. Real mucky mucks in the cult - the cult parents fighting - cussing, yelling, screaming and the kid(s) go to school and jealous messed up crazies. Oh my - you get into situations w/people at your home because of your family.

  • peacefulpete

    People can be selfish and opportunistic one day and kind and selfless the next. It doesn't matter what religion you belong to, people are people.

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