Looking back,"That was crazy, moment"

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  • Daniel1555

    In my teenage years, my sister threw my favourite cd album away, because brothers said it was demonic. "Bon Jovi - Keep the faith."

    Some brothers tried to guilt me in throwing my "Queen" albums away. The reason: Freddie Mercury is homosexual. They didn't succeed as I loved it too much.


  • Cangie

    "We put them up and weird stuff stared to happen like we would get phone calls in the middle of the night they would breath hard then hang up,"

    ROFLMAO...the "deemunz" need to use technology now? Do they have a "friends and family" contract? If they wanted to scare anyone (NOT that I believe in them) why wouldn't they just show up in the middle of the night in someone's room like they are always reported to do by the JW's? Will their next trick be to use smartphones and apps instead of ouija boards and crystal balls?

  • sir82

    The reason: Freddie Mercury is homosexual.

    In my younger days, I was involved in "counseling" a married couple who were not getting along.

    The old-enough-to-be-her-father husband forbade, yes, literally forbade, his wife from listening to Elton John because he was a homosexual.

    There were other problems in the marriage.

    Would you believe, they are now divorced?

  • Londo111
    Keep these stories coming! It helps to know we aren't alone and it gives any outsiders lurking an idea just how crazy things could get.
  • Thirteenth tribe
    Thirteenth tribe

    Ha I produced a vast collection of bin liners for the skip containing 100 s of rock/metal CDs , signed collectable albums, t shirts signed at gigs , my scrapbook of gig tickets and signatures from the likes of Alice Cooper to joey Jordanson !

    How silly of me, now I have it all on iTunes 😎 And am successfully rebuilding my gig scrapbook ! In the last 2 years I've seen slash, foofighters, pearl jam, bullet for my Valentine , tremonti and awaiting Chris Cornell in April

    " Rock on Wayne , party on Garth"

    wooooooohhhh yeah ✌🏻

  • Thirteenth tribe
    Thirteenth tribe

    Did anyone ever watch the film "Detroit rock city" with the band kiss ? Remember the scene where the kid hides his kiss records in his mums carpenters record sleeve and she's plays it and hits the roof snapping up the record in anger ! hahaha or when the mums ambush the kiss concert calling them "the Devils music" ! Brilliant , I remember answering the door in a Marilyn Manson t shirt to 2 JW elders from my mums congregation about 16 years ago ... Their faces were hilarious !

    I probably won't get back into m.manson just on the grounds that he's a little somber πŸ˜‰Rock music doesn't have to be depressive or dark man !!

  • BeautifulMind
    My husband's grandmother is a minister who lives in a different state. When we first got married she sent us a gift. So we kept the gift, but threw out the box immediately. We couldn't risk any of the demons jump out of the box and get us. We never thought about the gift itself being possessed tho. I'm literally laughing out loud at how absurd that sounds lol!! But it's true. Crazy smh...
  • Giordano

    Some brothers tried to guilt me in throwing my "Queen" albums away.The reason: Freddie Mercury is homosexual.

      Brian May, the lead guitarist for the band Queen, also holds a PhD in astrophysics. He was being interviewed on public radio and I didn't realize who he was. He was discussing stuff way over my head and then the host said ' so what's it like playing lead in Queen!' Holy Crap that was Brian May!

      European Space Agency to join Brian May's Asteroid Day

      ESA set to announce their partnership with the global Asteroid Day initiative, and detail a new mission to study potentially hazardous asteroids.


  • wallsofjericho

    My MIL would burn junk mail if it so much as had a karate ad in it cause karate is demonism

    So crazy

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    **He said," If you play them backwards there are subliminal messages promoting Satanism".**

    Funny. Yeah I head that Horse $hit before and believe it too back in the 80s.


    ** Par for the course in a cult.**


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