Looking back,"That was crazy, moment"

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  • Syme

    No worries, that was the rule back in the '70s and '80s. Everyone burnt stuff with their teacher before they got baptized. Not only youths, with rock 'n roll stuff etc. Older folks would burn stuff that supposedly contained magic or spells. My own grandfather burnt an artifact that was bound up using spells (allegedly). Until this day, he insists that that was the day he "got free" from spells. Others burnt things like their wedding crowns. That was back in the '70s, of course, but it seems that the burning habit carried on much later.

    An example of countryside superstition and illiteracy being tied with a high-control extremely superstitious cult.

  • out4good4

    My m-i-l went through all of her home products and threw away everything that had the Proctor and Gamble symbol on it.

    My wife disposed of a small statute she bought during a neighbors garage sale after she bought it home and did a little research on it. I don't think she found anything of substance about the statue but she threw it away just in case.

    A bunch of superstitious nonsense......

    dem bad ole demunz......

  • Theburstbubble
    Oh yeah I forgot about the playing songs backwards thing, It was a big deal in the '80's wasn't it?? If you play any song backwards it sounds crazy! The whole second hand stuff is engrained in me though as I still won't really buy anything second hand lol! Madness...
  • MarkofCane

    My m-i-l went through all of her home products and threw away everything that had the Proctor and Gamble symbol on it.

    Oh yes, I remember the P&G craziness, My mom and sister cleaned out the house of any demonic P&G products. Some thing about they made a pact with Satan and became successful and powerful the symbol was the proof of the pact. I always wondered who came up with this stuff, I mean who had time to sit around and think of this stuff. Freddy Franz maybe? He was crazy enough to insinuate this and it caught on. Who thought, "I'm going to play this record backward to see if I hear Satan voice or some demon"? Anybody ever play with the Ouija board? Did it once with a kid from the Hall, when I was a kid. I was sure he manipulated the whole thing. Did any of you think it was real?
  • stuckinarut2

    These accounts are hilarious!

    i can add this one: A sister reported"demon" troubles, and her and some elders spent time trying to find out what was new in the house.

    They decided that the only thing was a $5 note that she had got that day.

    So they buried it in the yard!

    Seriously....I'm not making this up! They buried the money to get rid of "demons"

  • SafeAtHome
    Well if the Borg didn't discourage higher education to get better paying jobs, dubs wouldn't have to shop yard sales and second hand shops. And now with the constant hounding for more $$$, what choice do many have.
  • pile2222
    My sister held a "break the records" party at her apartment in the late 80´s too where a bunch of brothers from her hall came with their old "bad worldly" music records and they listened to them first to see which of the songs were questionable. Then they broke them into pieces with their hands. Some records were harder to break than others or split into lots of pieces so they all agreed that the "worse" or more "demonic" the songs on the record, the harder they were to break. It was a fun party though I found as a kid.

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