What woke you up?

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  • HappyBlessedFree

    I’m fairly new so I don’t know everyone’s backstory. How did you realize the organization was false?

  • waton

    Waking up, like out of any lapse of mental control, can be slow. here it was a dramaric jolt, having lost, in the 60s a debate with a "bible study" about the superior authorities (in the "Let God Be True" book, only to discover when coming home to the pioneer home, the brown wrapped wt announcing they gave the Baptist the victory too. Jesus and the Father are not superior any more, , the police is. Felt like Jonah,

    WtBtS INC. made fools out of all of us; will not happen again, am through peddling throw away doctrines,

  • smiddy3

    If i didn`t welcome you before HBF I do so now . With me and my family it was not any one thing but an accumulation of many things over the years that individually at the time didn`t mean much but all adds up overtime .

    To the point you just can`t ignore it anymore and the penny drops .Somethings just not right and then you start to investigate a little bit more.

    And Bingo the rosy coloured glasses fall off and the scales across my eyes fell off also and I/we saw the religion for what it really is .

    My wife and I were in it for 33 years and brought our two sons up in it regrettably ,but thankfully we are all out now.

    Take care .

  • Tantalon

    Hi HBF, I was born in, out for most of my adult life as my wife is a "worldly" woman, LOL. I was an apologist for a long time and still mentally hanging on by a toe nail til a few years ago I attended the funeral of a worldly Aunt with my aged parents. My Father's total insensitivity to and lack of comprehension about the whole grieving process and trying to vindicate the Society because in his mind said Aunt had died from a blood transfusion (not true) made me mad as hell. Took a deep dive into EXjw world, learned a hell of a lot, became a non-believer and lost all my silly fears and bad dreams. Never felt better.

    Peace and happiness to you.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    My alarm clock!

    Sorry HBF, welcome.

    The scales fell off my eyes thanks to "two witnesses" -

    The cult's anti-scriptural perversions that -

    a) Romans 6:7 is literal and that a person's own death wipes out their sins.

    b) Rev. 20:12 says new scrolls will be opened during the millennium and will contain new teachings. (3 lies attributed to one verse!)

    From that point on, I researched everything the org ever told me was "truth."

  • dozy

    Lack of love & hypocrisy in the congregation started things for me.

    Reading Ray Franz books was a total eye-opener - confirming much of what I already suspected about the Borg together with a lot of additional information that I didn't know about. jwfacts.com was an eye-opener as well. Trivial discoveries ( such as the Watchtower front illustration stolen from a booze advert and pictures in the Bible Story book copied from "Christendom"'s books ) just reinforced things.

  • Gorbatchov

    The 1995 generation change did it.

    Because the rank and file got the blame.


  • Phizzy

    I suppose looking back there were hundreds of things that niggled, and added to a growing Cognitive Dissonance.

    The final clincher was reading the Book of Daniel with an open mind, and realising that the 1914 doctrine simply was not in there. Or anywhere in the Bible.

    No 1914 meant no 1918/9 Choosing of an FDS which meant today's G.B are self appointed Charlatans and Scam Merchants.

    Everything else they claim is built upon the 1914 rubbish, the whole House of Cards that is their teaching and grandiose claims for themselves fell down in an instant.

  • Doofgrandaddy

    The flip flop on the generation teaching...

  • nowwhat?

    Had doubts in the back of my head for years. And what did it was the overlapping generations and Tony morris' world wide debut when he went on that incoherent rant about tight pants, bright socks, yoga pants, and if your not an m.s. by age 23 there's something wrong with you

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