Lloyd Evans Patreoff Pool - December 2023

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    In true keeping, I’ll guess 408 (thanks forever alone 🤣🤣)

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    Is there any way he could reform to the the point that people might take him seriously again and be happy to support his anti WT efforts?

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    There are many ways he could do that. But that would require self-reflection, humility, a willingness to admit his faults, accepting that his critics were correct, and so on. He doesn't want to humble himself and rebuild, he wants to conquer and crush those who are not completely subservient to him.

    It would probably also require him to roll up his sleeves and do some hard work on his own, instead of building a brand off of the unpaid efforts of others. I'm not sure he can do that, even if he somehow gained enough self-awareness to realize what a lousy person he is.

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    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Is there any way he could reform to the the point that people might take him seriously again

    It’s too late. As recently as a couple weeks ago he was threatening people with criminal punishment and huge monetary penalties. I’m interested in finding out what amount he is seeking as he mentioned he wasn’t making that amount public. Generally when threat letters go ignored the penalty sought is increased. Since he sought €8000, expect to find his proposed amount to be in the tens of thousands.

    I know and he knows that €15K for example would push many if not all of his targets into default and bankruptcy.

    All his critics want is for him to quit treating this community as a private slush fund. He wants more. He wants hard working people to be financially destroyed.

    It’s impossible to about face and say he’s sorry primarily because the apology would also have to be directed towards the people he is suing.

    Jabba the Hutt will never forgive them and it’s a safe bet to believe him when he says he’s “in this for the long haul”. He’s already thrown a lot of his own money into this and will go even deeper once this case is thrown out. He strongly feels that these people stole his living from him and will pull them down with him if he can.

    He’s in this for the long haul but so are many others. He needs to ask himself this poignant question:

    What’s more likely to happen? 1) Winning his lawsuit or 2) His daughters finding out all about him because this is still news 5 years from now because he keeps stirring it up.

    The answer to that ought to give him pause but it won’t.

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    Hey where are all the Thanksgiving memes? I was really looking forward to seeing those!

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    Please put me in for 393. Thank you.

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