The handling of child abuse allegations

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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Why is reporting to the police a valuable thing?

    1. It protects other people from having the same thing happen to them... How? If Pedo assaults more than one child, a pattern is recorded. What if the Pedo does it in more than one city? The Police have a record, the person can then be arrested.

    2. It protects "worldly" people. Instead of keeping it "in the org" the Pedo will have a harder time continuing his profession.That is why Peds are put on a list, and neighborhoods are warned when they move into them. It gives people a chance to protect themselves.

    3. If it is reported to the police, you will sleep better, knowing you have done the right thing. Who knows what child you will have saved from a lifetime of trauma?

  • rebelfighter


    The WT needs trained to begin with in emotional, physical and sexual abuse and get their heads out of the sand. Prime example those Caleb and Sofia cartoons should have an Adult rating on them.

    My introduction into the JW Religion was the booklet on Families, I have never in my life gotten so much exercise reading one little booklet. I threw that booklet across the room so many times just to go retrieve and attempt to read the next d.... paragraph. These Elders who are supposed to be the leaders of the Flock of the congregation should be trained how to deal with children. How many times on this forum do we hear from kids they are getting df'd or kicked out of their homes. In our organization we DO NOT consider anyone an adult until they are 20 and if they are in any kind of trouble we rally around them parents, a half dozen adults, pull in outside councilling and whatever else it takes to turn the kid around. The last thing we are going to do so TURN OUR BACK on a kid.

    BTW, the kids and the adults are in this organization to raise money for kids around the world who have hearing problems. The money goes to any kid no matter what their religious beliefs, sex, race or whatever, if they need it all they need to do is apply. It is kids helping kids!!!

    If you have not figured it out I have a ZERO tolerance for any form of child abuse. The police know how to investigate and how to deal with victims the Elders know NOTHING!!!

  • Drearyweather


    You mentioned, Make it clear to the congregation that only those with the relevant clearance are allowed unaccompanied with children.

    I wanted to know the impact of the clearance. I can understand the clearances for kindergartens and schools.

    As a rough statistics that I read, 89% of child abuse cases are by someone the child knows (39% parents & 50% relatives/church members). How can clearances be provided to known relatives and family members? Is having an appropriate clearance a surety that that person won’t indulge in child abuse?

    Regarding reporting to the police, I know of a case where Elders reported the abuse case to the police against the parent’s wishes. However due to rampant corruption in the legal system here, the case became messier day by day eventually causing much financial and emotional distress to the victim and her family. To this day, the family and many congregation members accuse the elders for not investigating and solving the case themselves and pushing their job to the Police.

  • Landy
    The police know how to investigate and how to deal with victims the Elders know NOTHING!!!

    So your recommendation would be that the victim/victim's family should be advised to go to the police. If they choose not to then no other action should be taken?

    How will that course safeguard other children in the hall?

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    "...solving the case themselves..." How would that work? How would a case be "solved" by elders? Is that where they tell everyone involved, the victims and their families, to shut up?

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Landy spent the whole weekend swearing at me and call me all kind's of degrading name and trying his best to derail anything that I or anyone else said on this subject that was not to his liking, Please I beg of everyone to take this seriously and not let Landy and his buddy have their way..

    According to SNAP and the research that they have done for every victim that has the courage to come forward and report a rape or molestation there are 9 other victims that do not have the courage to do that.

    RO said very clearly on Tuesday what his agenda is "I will go away when everyone stops lying about Watchtower."

    RO is clearly on the side of the WT.

    Landy refuses to believe that there is even a broadcasting network here in the US called PSB as you can see by his comment here

    why did Trey Bundy from NPR, and PBS just do reports on them


    Seriously this person Landy openly admitted that he had not heard of NPR or PBS and everyone takes what he say as points to consider.

    This is how he feels about this subject from his own words

    "I think you give them too much credit. Humanity doesn't give be a shit about the JWs - thankfully they're insignificant. To everyone that isn't a witness or ex-witness they're a bunch of slighty odd but generally nice people who disturb them on a Sunday morning.

    If you asked 100 people if they had heard of the AR commission, I would be amazed if even one had."

    The misspelled word is his not my as he jumped all over me for a word that my phone misspelled but I digress.

    Please I beg of everyone to Listen to NPR and Trey Bundy on Reveal, It was just done in December of 2016 less than 8 weeks ago. Watch PBS from last year with Trey Bundy, contact SNAP.

    Please do not let ones like RO and Landy keep debating this subject. To Landy this is just a huge joke that he is getting is sick kicks out of by belittling and insulting ones who have been harmed and injured to the point that many commit suicide.

    This is one of Landy's responses to me over the weekend. .

    I'll tell you what - I'll do a quick survey at work tomorrow. I'll ask a few if they've heard of a Trey Bundy or SNAP. I work with some pretty well educated people including PhDs and Chartered Engineers. It should be a good litmus test. I'll report back with the results..

    It just so how uneducated and ignorant you are and the fact that you refuse to even look it up says volumes about what you have posted and your slamming, belittling and insulting me

    It's you're btw. Or put an of in between insulting and me. I wouldn't have mentioned it normally but seeing as you've called me uneducated and ignorant....

    Or this one

    "you are totally unhinged aren't you? Nuttier than squirrel shit."

    Or this one

    "Hey, I've spent the day watching season 7 of The West Wing and annoying you. What's not to like"

    This sums up what Landy and RO are about, Debating and derailing, casing page after page of belittling remarks toward those who disagree with him, refusing to look at proven facts or like that PBS and NPR even exist while he watches the West Wing.

    This subject of child rape. Children being harmed for the rest of their lives because of the JW's and their policies is to huge to allow ones like Landy and RO to down play.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    If anyone doubts what I mean about Landy just watch his come back at me, he will belittle me, insult me and swear at me. He will use all kinds of vile language at me. And if he does not do that he will be supper condescending toward me and put me down

    It just proves my point that Landy and RO have an agenda for the WT and if anyone dares to disagree with them watch out.


  • notsurewheretogo

    The single biggest thing is the difference in law v congregation.

    No matter the severity of the offence the law will put on you on a Sex Offenders list and the public then know.

    In the congregation no matter the severity if you are deemed unrepentant then NO-ONE in the congregation will know barring the family involved and the elders.

    This could mean the offender making a private ministry arrangement with a family's child, without the elders knowing about it, and can easily re-offend.

    It HAS to be policy that members of a congregation know because that IS what occurs if the law get involved.

  • Drearyweather
    Iown Mylife,

    By "solving", the parents meant that Elders should have investigated and disfellowshipped the person, without getting the police involved in the process.

    The Elders did disfellowship the person, but once the police got involved, the case became public and dragged on in the courts, sadly leading to social ostracism to the girl, threats by the abuser's family members, financial strain on the family and in turn leading to a situation where no one could give timely help to the victim. All of this ended in an out of court settlement, between the Victim’s and the Accused's families.

    So my point was, what should the elders do if parents do not wish that their case to go to courts?

  • dubstepped

    Step 1 is going to the police.

    Step 2 can be going to the elders so that they are on notice. They don't need to investigate gory details so much as to know to watch a person.

    That's about all one can do. Both those inside the cult and outside are then put on notice.

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