Drink Driving

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  • respectful_observer

    Not to make light of driving under the influence, I'll share this story:

    There was a local bar who had a reputation for over-serving its patrons, resulting in a recent spike in drunk driving related accidents in the area. As a reaction, the local police department decided to park a police car just down the road from the bar's parking lot so they could monitor patrons behavior as they left and walked to their cars. As the end of the night came and "last call" was made, the patrons began to stream out into the parking lot, each heading toward their respective cars.

    Immediately the police officer watching from his car noticed that one patron in particular was in a really bad state. His walking was unsteady. He wandered the parking lot back and forth trying to locate his car. Finally as enough cars had cleared out, he found his car. As he leaned against his car to steady himself to unlock to the door, he dropped his keys on the ground. He finally collected himself enough to get into the car, start the engine and pull out. The moment the car's tires touched the public road, the police officer flipped on his lights and pulled the driver over.

    As the officer approached the car, the window rolled down. The officer asked, "Sir, good evening. Have you had anything to drink tonight?"

    The driver responded, "Not a drop officer!"

    "Really??? I find that hard to believe, you see, I've been watching you for the last 10 minutes stumble around the parking lot until you were the last car left. If you haven't been drinking, how would you explain that?"

    "Oh, that's easy officer. You see....I was the decoy!"

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Drunk driving is a subject which leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth.

    In 1989 my fiance was headed to my house with two of her friends four days before our wedding was to take place. She was driving her VW Golf convertable when a drunk driver strayed into her oncoming lane and killed all three of them. As is often the case, the drunk driver survived but with serious injury. His sentence? Five years in jail and a further fifteen years suspended sentence! I cannot tell you the self control it took not to murder him. Had it not been for the military and great support, in all likelihood I would have been in prison mys lf for murder.

    People can laugh off the seriousness of drunk driving all they like but it is IMO one of the most selfish and careless crimes there are. If I see you are drunk and about to drive, no matter how big or badass you think you are I will do my best to stop you while I have cops on the way. I have already been in serious confrontations which have cost me "friendships".

    To all those who think you're smarter than cops and are somehow above the influence of alcohol while behind the wheel, I say "fuck you, you peice of dispicable shit". I hope everytime you contemplate driving after a few there is someone like me nearby who isn't scared to stop you from potentially taking the lives of innocents.

    This is the season when drunk driving skyrockets so please people, do humanity a favor, if you see someone about to drive drunk, don't think it's not your problem. One of your loved ones may be sharing the road with that person that very day - then it will be your problem.

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