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  • Jayk

    I thought I was weird that I believe in aliens. Until I remembered that people believe there is a god.

  • EverApostate

    Even For me, the statistical Probability of aliens are more convincing than accepting a Belief in any God.

  • sparrowdown

    If it's any consolation for feeling weird about it governments from around the world have spent a lot of time, effort and money looking for evidence of alien life.

  • ttdtt

    Jayk - yes.

    Super intelligent beings from outer space (or a diff dimension) who have come to Earth to spy on us.
    Maybe they even built the Pyramids :)

    For sure to probe our women :)

  • Saethydd

    I personally think it's fairly probable that alien lifeforms exist, even somewhat probable that alien lifeforms exist which would meet our definition of "intelligent." Hell, it's even possible (I put the probability around 1%-3%) that some alien abduction stories are real, granted there are a great many explanations that are far more likely and would need to ruled out before I took such a claim seriously.

  • ctrwtf

    Check out the NYTimes article this week, Apparently the air force believes in aliens as well. Or at least UFO's.

    Not so silly after all.......

  • Jayk
    I saw a UFO a few years back. (Ufo doesnt always mean alien)Which pretty much kick me into conspiracies. Hollywood is full of shit.. If aliens really wanted us there isn't anything we could do. We got drones they probably have better ones. In all reality they could blow up the moon and hurl the pieces at us. They wouldn't even need to come into our atmosphere. What I saw was in the shape of a triangle it was long not wide. It moved insanely fast and made absolutely no noise. The shit coming out now is really gonna challenge people's beliefs. Most likely military but aliens are also possible.
  • Jayk

    Now we're in a age of understanding. What I think will happen is aliens will make there presence known and let us know there are laws in the universe if we do not follow them then we will be wiped back to the Stone Age. Laws like don't interfere with another species evolution. My aunt told me Job knew the earth was round before columbus. I told her that's enough info to launch a civilization into a space age.

  • zeb

    I saw ufos' once in daylight. 8 conical point at the top 'things' went across the sky.

  • faithnomore

    I'm still not buying it at this point, along with demons. None have contacted me or any of my friends/family so scientific/evidence base research is over:).

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