Life In Communist Victoria Australia If You Are In The Workforce

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  • Diogenesister

    This whole thing is insanity. Even Russia and China have not mandated the vaccine. Yet it's happening in Australia, Britain and America.

    I am not anti vaccine. I was a guinea pig for the first flu vaccine back in the late 80s.

    But this? Forcing medical treatment in the "free world"? I never EVER thought I'd live to see it.

  • zachias
    1. The riot occurred because construction sites were closed and the workers were then with no income.
    2. So the workers held a demo.
    3. Many 'others' joined in and the demo went out of control it was even steered toward the offices of the construction unions, ? any event of potential public disorder will attract those with an axe to grind.**
    4. **In the situation of emergencies their are those who lurk behind power who wish to see their particular strain of authority imposed and a pandemic gives them the 'license' to influence govt of the day.
    5. I am in WA (west australia) and thankful for being here.
    6. Yes the fed govt (Liberal Party, ie up with the big end of town) want borders opened and thankfully the WA Premier (Labor party) has told them to sod off.

    incidentally I have worked in Aged care (!) and they suffer from almost non ventilation so its my guess why buggs get loose.

  • shepherdless

    Perhaps someone should give a more neutral summary of events in Australia.


    Since the start of the pandemic, the Aust Govt and the governments of each Australian state (6 states) and 2 territories got together and agreed a policy of “containment” of the virus, although in practice, they were adopting a policy of elimination. Each state and territory has its own health department to fund, and (with the exception of NSW) tended to lock down everything, every time a small outbreak occurred, even if only for a few days, to test and contact trace each outbreak out of existence. The Aust Govt didn’t like that approach, as it is the one that has to fund unemployment benefits, social security, etc, and generally is in charge of the overall economy. But overall, the governments achieved a high level of cooperation, despite 4 being centre-right, and 5 being centre-left.

    During the course of last year, Melbourne (capital of Vic), went through a very extended lockdown to contain an outbreak that peaked at over 700 cases. That was a big drain on the people of Melbourne and the rest of VIC.

    A few months ago, an airport chauffeur in Sydney caught the Delta variant from an overseas passenger. NSW was slow to lockdown, and the Delta variant is so contagious that it proved too difficult to contain, even with a hard lockdown. After trying hard, NSW decided the only hope of containing the Delta variant was with a very high level of vaccination. Meanwhile, the virus spread to VIC.

    some mathematics

    To control a virus via vaccination, you need to get vaccination levels to a “herd immunity” level. The level needed is given by the following formula:

    V = (1 - 1/R)/E

    where V = the vaccination rate you need to achieve

    R is the basic reproduction number (normally written with a small subscript zero after the R)

    E = the vaccine effective rate.

    Each of the major vaccines claim over 95% effective rate, so let’s assume E=0.95. R=5.7 for the Delta variant according to Aust scientists (although I note that USA CDC assumes a higher figure). Therefore, V = 0.87.

    In other words, to have this Delta variant decline and disappear, you need a min 87% vaccination rate. Alternatively, a lower rate, plus some movement restrictions.

    NSW and VIC vaccination rates

    After a slow start, NSW and Vic have been vaccinating their populations as fast as they can. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of vaccines, mainly because the primary vaccine was supposed to be Astra Zeneca which turned out to be a blood clot risk.

    NSW has now achieved over 88% vaccination, and cases are less than half what they were a couple of weeks ago. 623 cases and 6 deaths today.

    VIC started later, but is catching up, and is now at 82%. Cases appear to have peaked in the last couple of days, after a big jump following a couple of weekends of loud unlawful protests. 1,377 cases and 4 deaths, today. Hopefully, the downward trend continues.

    Protest and Violence

    Victoria has had it very tough, given it is in a second long-running hard lockdown. Construction workers were allowed to continue work, provided they complied with certain restrictions, eg keep distances apart, while eating lunch. Unfortunately, the Trade Union that controls construction workers is very militant, and those people generally don’t like being told what to do. After persistent widespread breaches, and a disproportionate number of cases among construction workers, plus a rowdy protest, the VIC govt shut down the construction industry, which led to more protests. The VIC police took a hard line, and protests seem to have stopped for the moment.

    Clearly, people in VIC are sick of lockdowns.

    Tucker Carlson nonsense

    Just a quick reference to the Fox News clip above. It is always interesting to watch a foreign news source, to see how they cover events in Australia. Mostly they get it wrong, or leave out crucial info. Tucker Carson tries to paint a picture with selective bits of info, to push an agenda with his US audience. I could go into detail, but can’t be bothered.

    However, no Aust military was used in any way in relation to the protests. Even ignoring legal and constitutional issues, the military is controlled by the (Centre-Right) Aust govt, which has a strained relationship with the VIC govt; the most left leaning in Aust. (Would Trump lend army personnel to help Gavin Newsome stop protests against the Democrats in Calif? That would be the equivalent to what Carlson claimed happened.)

    At a much earlier stage, unarmed military personnel were used to distribute information to residents in NSW (not VIC), and had no power to arrest, etc. That appears to be the source of Carlson’s assertions.

    I found it amusing that Carlson gives high praise to our centre-left pro-lockdown Western Australian government, but criticises our anti-lockdown centre-right Aust government. But to do otherwise would have undermined his narrative.

    In conclusion, no, this is not a part of a grand conspiracy by governments in Australia to take over with authoritarian control of the entire population. They are just following the science. To keep COVID out, they need a high vaccination rate, and other strict measures in the meantime. Not all of the Aust population is on board, but the majority of people are, irrespective of political persuasion.

    One final point: USA COVID deaths: 719,933. Australia COVID deaths: 1,346. What USA does is its business, but we are generally happy with what we have been able to prevent.

  • was a new boy
    was a new boy

    Just north of Victoria -

    'The Australian mining magnate and politician Clive Palmer has outright called out Gladys Berejiklian for taking bribes by Big Pharm in New South Wales. If this is true in a province/state in Australia, it is true right up to the federal level around the world.'

  • pistolpete

    One final point: USA COVID deaths: 719,933. Australia COVID deaths: 1,346.

    You do realize that USA has a population 333,471,336 Citizens plus anywhere from between 14 million - 30-million Illegal immigrants who are not required to get vaccinated.

    Where as Australia only has 25 million plus population.

    USA probably has MORE Illegal immigrants than the Entire population of Australia, AND these illegal immigrants have Covid and other diseases and are not required to get vaccinated----- and are being spread all over the Country during the night by buses and airplanes, by the current Administration so as to spread Covid and make it seem like everyone in America is dying of Covid.

    Yet even with all the Free States not requiring Vaccine mandates not forcing a lock down on the Economy when Covid spikes, not arresting people who leave their house for a smoke, the economy and those dying in free States are better than the States in complete lock down and forced vaccine mandates.

    Do the math ratios to see who is doing better.

  • Simon
    One final point: USA COVID deaths: 719,933. Australia COVID deaths: 1,346. What USA does is its business, but we are generally happy with what we have been able to prevent.

    Absolute counts are meaningless. The only measure that counts is per 100,000 or something that allows comparison between different countries.

    Even then, you have to take into account the locality and population density - because people spread out across a massive area is very different to the same number living in a small apartment block. The counts for both countries need to be broken down by area and compared separately to ensure it's like-for-like.

    Then you have to look at population and obesity levels. Does Australia have as many obese black people as the US for instance? Both have high correlation with severe COVID outcomes and low vaccination rates in the US.

    The fact is that Australia has been authoritarian and used brutal treatment of people who simply don't believe the hype. If so few have died, as you say, they why the heavy handed treatment? Don't tell me that it "proves it's worked" because that assumes all these people who suddenly protest are all masked up and isolated the rest of the time and that makes no sense.

    I also don't believe any claim where they say exactly who caught COVID from who, because if that were doable then it would be easy to contain. The fact is they never know who you caught it from, it's all just probabilities and potential.

    Leftists use any excuse to impose their authoritarianism, it's their nature so if they are given the opportunity they lurch toward it, COVID is the current excuse, the new "jew".

  • ThomasCovenant

    PistolPete, ''Do the math ratios to see who is doing better.''


    USA, assuming 333 million people plus 27 million illegal immigrants = 360 million people.

    USA, assume covid deaths is 720 thousand. The maths ratio is 1 in 500.

    Australia, assuming 25 million people.

    Australia, assume covid deaths is 1350. The maths ratio is 1 in 18,500.

    I'm confused which side of the argument you're coming from. Are you saying Australia is doing better based on the math ratio?

  • pistolpete

    USA, assume covid deaths is 720 thousand. The maths ratio is 1 in 500.

    Australia, assuming 25 million people.

    Australia, assume covid deaths is 1350. The maths ratio is 1 in 18,500.

    I'm confused which side of the argument you're coming from. Are you saying Australia is doing better based on the math ratio?

    Exactly TC.

    According to the figures, Americans are Swimming in Covid.

    Just about every News Outlet and all Social Media is blaming the deaths of vaccinated people----- on the Un- vaccinated.

    Politicians and the Head of Medical advisory for the Federal Government; “Fauci” are telling all Americans that the reason there are so many deaths in American ,is because the Citizens who have not vaccinated are responsible for not only spreading Covid but for all the deaths of Covid

    But when Fauci was asked point blank if the millions of illegal immigrants are in anyway responsible for spreading the Covid virus-----what was his reply?

    Fauci SAYS; NO, THE IMMIGRANTS with covid------- DO NOT SPREAD COVID. WTF!

    See him say this absurdity in the second video below, starting at the 4:18 minute mark.

    Also, there is so much Covid in America that there is no hospital beds and few medical personal to help the patients because most of the Doctors and nurses have died of Covid.

    Yet, even though this is what all the news outlets are saying regarding how bad Covid is in America and how everyone is going to die from Covid,-------we don’t have this bullshi* of police choking a woman to the floor because she has no mask.

    Check out the video below.

    The truth is according to the Center for Disease Control, almost 80 percent of people that died of Covid were OBESE. That’s about 576,000 people who more than likely would have lived after Covid if they weren’t so fat and unhealthy.

    Leaving about 144,000 who were not obese but of the anointed.

    The truth is there is plenty of doctors and nurses but a lot of them have been fired because they refuse to get the vaccine.

    Why fire the same doctors and nurses who were Heroes during the worst of the pandemic and when there were no vaccines available yet, IF COVID IS AS BAD AS THEY PORTRAY IT IN THE NEWS?????

    Why is the President and his Administration not worried when millions of illegal immigrants WITH COVID, who are crossing the Open Border and spreading across the Country????

    My point was how absurd for a Country with less deaths than the United States to treat it’s citizens the way they do.


    It’s time that we stop filming these terrible excuses for law-enforcement while we observe their abuses and start filming while beating their asses. If that was my sister, or daughter, I would’ve given those people a reason to arrest me once they woke up in the emergency room.

    They can’t call for back up if you knock them out…

    if you are able to mentally justify that Police behavior somehow, then there is something wrong with you. You have a serious problem.


  • shepherdless
    Wow, some silly comments I have to respond to. Haven’t time at the moment, but I will, tomorrow. In the meantime, here is an informative Government announcement explaining the current situation:

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