Life In Communist Victoria Australia If You Are In The Workforce

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  • jonahstourguide

    Well, It has happened.

    Workers in these industries will be forced to vax or lose their employment.

    I'm glad to be out of the workforce.

    Never thought it would come to this in a supposed democratic society.

    No wonder protests and law suits are increasing in intensity.

    Like for fucks sake,,, a worker at a takeaway bottle / liquor shop.

    Most of our takeaways are outdoors. Fucking morons.


  • hoser

    This won’t end well.

  • zachias

    The riots as in Melbourne will now become the norm. "Poor buggar my country.."

  • carla

    What has been happening down under?! I have seen reports of people being beat up by police for not wearing a mask or threatened with 'gassing' (pepper spray?). I didn't know if such reports were true. The US may not be far behind in treatment of the 'control group' (no vax people).

  • pistolpete
    What has been happening down under?! I have seen reports of people being beat up by police for not wearing a mask or threatened with 'gassing' (pepper spray?). I didn't know if such reports were true.

    That's true. Now there are some reports saying that in some areas, government officials are rounding up people and putting them in some type of secret camps. Time will tell if this is true. But for the people in these camps, it will be to late if true.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    There are reports of the Jan 6 people being let into the Capitol and now being kept in solitary. Just one step away from the infamous "disappeared" category.

    There is a reason for gun restrictions no matter whether you personally think about it. "Assault rifle, pistol, revolver, shotgun, 25 acp, 50 bmg, .556; all are buzz words for "why do you need it"?

  • FedUpJW

    The only thing missing is goose-stepping, raised right arms, and swastikas on arm bands. In the thirties and forties it was German Jews, today it is COVID. Neither were the threat to society that the government(s) claimed they were/are.

    There is a reason the left is actively disarming the intelligent citizen, and meanwhile more and more useful idiots are doing nothing other than navel gazing and waiting for the next government handout, not realizing they will be next on the list of people who just "disappear".

  • pistolpete

    Here is the latest news in Australia

  • jonahstourguide

    Well actually,

    The tightest restrictions are here in my home state of Victoria.

    Melbourne has had the longest most detrimental lock-down globally.

    Other states are having stadium sports and construction is open.

    Restaurants and pubs are open with some restrictions.

    Whereas we can only get take-away foods etc. Supermarkets are open with restricted hours.

    The Australian Football League Grand Final was played in Western Australia. It's usually in Melbourne.

    The Australian Rugby Grand Final will be played in Queensland, not in NSW.

    The V8 Supercars season will resume late October in New South Wales after two events

    in Victoria having been cancelled by Dictator/ Chairman Dan. "due to cov19" fucking chinese.

    Only some Local Government Areas in other states are being locked down, not the entire states or cities.

    And, the Independent Police Integrity Unit are investigating numerous human rights violations by police in Victoria.

    So yes, we Victorians are seriously pissed off.



    I was told that everything was great Down Under and that any report to the contrary was conspiracy theory bullarky. Then I see videos on news outlets that are considered banned and see what I consider to be abuses of power.

    I’m not exactly sure where all these events are happening and I guess it’s similar to the US in that what’s happening in California is not happening in the Midwest.

    These crazy Liberal wackos have gotten a taste of power. I’ve always heard experts in History say the radical Left is always worse than the radical right as it’s more insidious… Seems to be true.


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