Life In Communist Victoria Australia If You Are In The Workforce

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  • pistolpete

    Not mine,but one of the posts in the above video that was kind of interesting.

    Joanie Bug

    Meanwhile, covid in LA, over 25% cases are fully vaccinated people.

    Pfizer projects 33 billion in vax revenues, driven by boosters and vaccines for little kids

    FDA made a dangerous error by advising against covid antibody testing

    FDA attacks Ivermectin that is successful against covid Covid

    symptoms may linger in some vax people who get infected

    CDC says vaxxed people should get tested after being exposed even if they show no symptoms

    And they are happy that they are profiting from masks sales again- Face mask market to surpass $21.2 billion by 2026

    CDC quietly changed course on the PCR test, saying it can't tell the difference between flu and coronaviruses

    The Red Cross has warned the vaccinated, who had covid, that you aren't allowed to give plasma because it kills off all those covid antibodies

    J&J projects 2.5 billion from vax sales globally, even as the company faces questions about the vaccine's effectiveness against the "delta variant".


    Corporations are running the show and if you don’t understand that….🤷🏻‍♂️ Follow the money..

    Again, there’s ZERO justification for some of the actions being taken against the citizens of Australia by these power mad, deplorable Police.

    Fight back.



    The dipsticks who dislike comments against Police brutality, or videos showing Police brutality, or comments about fighting against Police brutality deserve to live under an Authoritarian regime.

    Are you so fearful of the invisible enemy “Covid” that you will justify that abuse of authority on the part of the Police? Do you really think you won’t be targeted someday for some other reason under an abusive government?


  • Doofgrandaddy


    These gronks are too thick to understand this video

  • shepherdless

    I said I would respond to comments to my earlier post. I have been flat out with work, and will be for a while, so here is my rushed response.

    Was a new boy: Gladys Berejiklien resigned in relation to a very long running investigation by the NSW Independent Commission into Corruption. It concerns a govt grant to a sporting club.

    Simon: Yes, USA population is more that 10 times Aust population, but you don’t need a calculator to see that that doesn’t explain nearly 700 times as many deaths. Also, almost allAustralians live in cities, particularly the five largest, so they are not spread out. The average house sizes in Aust are slightly larger, if that makes a difference. Australians are almost as obese, these days, unfortunately. Australians also live longer statistically, so there are more older people. If you want to throw in some other factors, Australians have cheap healthcare, so use it more, and the minimum wage is around double that in USA (even after converting to USD).

    Overall, the main factor is probably that there is no Fox News, with Carlson and Hannity dealing out a daily anti vax message.

    You are quite wrong about them not knowing the source of any outbreak. They do heaps of genomic sequencing, which tells them which overseas traveller was responsible, and a lot of info. The chauffeur driver I referred to only avoided criminal charges because video footage (or lack thereof) was inconclusive on whether he was wearing a mask.

    Regarding the video footage. It shows a crazy girl swearing and screaming and resisting arrest. We don’t see what happened before, to get to this stage. She even kicks a policewoman in the backside at one point. Do US police “turn the other cheek” when kicked in the backside? I doubt it. In fact the internet seems to have lots of US police being a lot harsher with people they decide to arrest. And what is the logic here? When Floyd was suffocated in public by a policeman, was that an indication that USA is turning into a communist country?

    I agree you guys need to deal with your unlawful immigration, though. But even then, USA seems to have more COVID per head than any of those Latin American countries anyway. (Why does USA failure to manage unlawful immigration make us the Socialists? Surely it makes you lot the Socialists. What is the logic here?

    Finally, pistolpete, you are the one who needs to “do the math”, or at least check some stats on economic growth. Turns out making people wear masks doesn’t hurt employment or economic growth, after all.

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