I Feel Bad For The Police

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Education system has always been about indoctrination - not sure about this, especially at university level and in Western countries.

    If you want to fix the problem get to the root - systemic race based poverty and penalizing drug addiction - there is no systemic racism in the US. Racism does exist but the root goes to the African-American population. Fatherless children is a big factor. So is black culture - education is sneered at (US education is one of the best in the world), black kids pursuing education are 'acting white'.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    If you want to fix the problem get to the root (cont'd) - what we have is a system that treats black people like children. It infantilises them.

    There's no incentive for the black father to stay with his wife/girlfriend because the woman will get welfare cheques. Thus, black families are dependent on government help. I can't remember the exact stats, but at the time of emancipation about 70% of black families were two-parent; today that figure is about 35%.

    So, that means approx. two thirds of black kids today in the US grow up in single-parent (typically the mother) families. Lack of a positive role model leads the kids into gangs, it teaches the kids to actively ignore authorities like teachers and cops, etc.

    Social welfare programs have destroyed the black family.

    Popular claims by establishment figures of 'systemic racism' also infantilises black people. How? - well it takes away any accountability on their part. Anything bad happens, a black person is unsuccessful at a job interview - that's 'systemic racism!', lol. Also, calling a society 'systemically racist' means society can't be fixed. An actual racist individual can be punished but vague claims of 'systemic racism' can't be fixed or improved. It's no surprise that BLM want to do away with current US society and replace it with some kinda wacked-out socialist utopia bullcrap.

    It's a mess and needs to be urgently addressed.

    Systemic racism is just a label, it has nothing to do with this issue. Sure, black people went to the bottom of society after slavery was abolished but how could it be anything else? And slavery itself isn't 'systemic racism'. All people of all colours bought and sold slaves. <--- know your history.

  • pistolpete

    It's a mess and needs to be urgently addressed.

    I don't think that's gonna happen.

    Millions of people on social welfare are never going to give up the free stuff. Society in the USA is going to continue to deteriorate until it one big mess like the movie; ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK

  • Overrated

    In the case of George Floyd, the cops should of just cuffed him and kept him in the patrol car until EMS arrived. But yeah, today's society want everything for free and does not want to work for it. That sense of that everyone owes me one. Instead of what can I do for society.

  • Biahi

    Overrated, I think George Floyd did not cooperate, and he was a large man, bigger than the cop. He wouldn’t have sat quietly in the patrol car.

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