Midweek meeting

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  • LisaRose

    The religion has always asked a lot of people, hours of meetings, study, field service, etc., but I think the pace of life is faster now, people have a lot of demands on their time and energy, maybe they are just tired and it's getting to the meeting itself is all they can manage.

    And the organization doesn't seem to give any thought to making the meetings enjoyable or rewarding in any way, they are dry, boring and predictable. It's like the old joke "the beatings will continue until morale improves".

  • wannaexit

    I am also noticing the the elders appear to be getting tired of it already. After all, 1 elder has to chair 3/4 of the meeting. In congregations that have a small body, these elders have to be prepared all the time and will be on stage quite often. Last week the one that chaired was so ill -prepared I felt sorry for him.

  • ttdtt

    Lisa Rose - the only thought in meetings now is to keep people busy busy busy, and enforce the One Thought that you MUST obey the GB no matter what, and ALL outside information is Apostate driven lies.


    What kind of "teaching" organization, that has had a "ministry school" for 60 years, is sooooo bad at teaching its followers, that it needs after all this time VIDEOS and DEMOS to teach suposed "teachers" how to F-ING present a magazine?????

    Realy? JWs are so stupid that they can't present a magazine without a video every month presented by obviously ethnic (because no one else is getting baptised I guess) voices?

    Imagine if you went to a school (sat harvard) and after 10 years you were still getting instruction on how to properly take notes.

  • fulano
    Yes, the the theocratic school was the only one you never got a diploma or graduated from.
  • ttdtt

    Fulano - how insane is that?
    People graduate from Astrophysics, and Quantum Mechanics, and Neurosurgery!

    But us poor JW saps can not be taught well enough after years to find an interesting article in a 3rd grade reading level magazine and introduce it to someone at the door?

    Nor did the school help anyone enough to graduate to the level where they could take one of the JW basic books, and just go over paragraphs and ask the questions with a "Bible Study".

    And we as you say - proudly say its a school you never graduate from. WTF!

  • loneranger
    ttdtt...lol...especially the ethnic voices in the presentation videos...WTH?
  • loneranger
    Lisa Rose...good points...does anyone in charge even think if the meetings will be more beneficial and enjoyable for the majority...I think not...one other issue...those without tablets (e.g. primarily older people or those of little means) are definitely being left behind...more and more the electronic media is necessary to just know what's going on...don;t have it...you're out in left field...
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Good points all. The demands of the Borg sometimes have to overpower the brotherhood. You see lots of burnout.

  • Gorbatchov

    The JW I meet at the groceries are tired. I make contact with them, and ask them "How are you?"

    They look down. They are always happy that I speak with them. But, the Kingdom smile is gone!


  • Dagney

    Well I must say this is good news to hear.

    after reading the comments it shows the dumbing down in the approach to the flock will end up with more and more distancing themselves. How some defend this approach is amazing to me. I got them in my own family. Sigh

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