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  • loneranger
    Almost two months into the change in format of the mid week meeting from the school and service meeting format to the Christian Life and Ministry (CLAM) format. In my congregation, seems attendance is down 10-15% over the normally low attendance for the mid week meeting before the change. Some indicate that the meeting under the CLAM format is very "intense"...you really need to study and research to be able to participate or get anything out of the meetings. Study materials are diverse...bible, mags, books, videos, etc.Pubs are dragging, it seems. Do you see anything similiar? I'm in central Florida USA.
  • ducatijoe

    Can't say. Would rather snake a drain than go back to the KH. But hey.... enjoy!

  • no-zombie
    And I thought that it was just me. In our congregation, here in Australia it's the same. The normaly lower attendance is even slightly lower. Only by 2 or 3 mind you but still its noticable. Additionally, meeting participation is definatly lower with the conductor having to almost beg for answers.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I think people are just tired. Tired of ''someone crying wolf'' for over 101 years now. Burned-out with the Borg, combined with busy lifestyles, responsibilities. Of course!!,, no JW will ever tell you so, but you can sure see it in their eyes, the JW's look so listless, expressionless. They were promised a ''new world'', a ''paradise'' which sure should have been here by now. Just empty promises, and a hamster on a wheel like routine. Must be very tiresome, disheartening and disconcerting.

  • smiddy

    Midweek meetings were always under attended , and I`m going back well over 20 years ago .

    So if meeting attendance is dropping even further that is good news to me.

    The trickle leaving the religion, may yet turn out to become the floodwaters leaving , that no one can stop.


  • loneranger

    no-zombie...agree...here too...meeting participation is very light...speakers neeed to really prod for any comments...then they are very short and simple mostly.

    I see attendance att this meeting continuing to drop for various reasons...laziness for sure is one.

  • Spiral

    It's just so much more boring than even the "school" was! How did they manage that? Attendance is down and participation is low.

    I think people just can't stand any of it any more. But I don't think it's "intense", it's like it's designed for the brain dead, super boring and sad.

  • baker
    video highlights are a grave disappointment with just a siloulette, i think people miss the mineristal school greatly .
  • loneranger
    baker...you may be right...as a result, attendance and participation are both down. Likely, the trend will continue.
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    When I was School Overseer many a year ago, Aid to Bible Understanding was our focal point. However we may now view the WT publications, it was a meaty meeting and I loved it. I'm biased. I worked on the tome at God's House. Well, in the factory!

    Happy memories.


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