Jehovah Witness family murder suicide

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  • wannaexit
  • DesirousOfChange

    I usually am not in favor of such emotional displays that disrupt the meetings as I think it fuels the JW "persecution complex" or supports the "mentally diseased" label for apostates, but I applaud this lady. He handled it very "legally" and stayed in control. Too bad some bad ass Elder didn't man-handler her so she could sue their asses off.

    Sad, sad story. Would appreciate more details from someone in the area who knows the facts.

  • sparrowdown

    I get the impression from the things she was saying this lady is not an exjw, but I could be wrong.

    She obviously felt strongly enough about the tragic, needless loss of life so much that something needed to be said and all these heartless robots can think of is the "disruption to the meeting." I get the feeling if she just could have been given a few minutes to have her say she would done so and left.

    What about those bro's if they could dive-tackle her to the ground they would do it. Cos the meetings are thaaaat important.

  • Diogenesister

    I think you are right sparrowdown.

    My goodness, Dubs think they are so loving.

    But they are the most unfeeling people in the world because they are trained to put an institution before a human being, even a life.They would have made great KGB agents.

  • dubstepped

    Yep, nobody at the KH treated her with humanity as a hurting person. They were more concerned about the meeting going on.

    They also called the police on her. I guess they DO know the number for 911, just not when children are being raped.

    The long suicide note left by the mom should be telling if ever made public. It's all just heartbreaking. Well, not to JWs who have had their humanity stripped by their cult leaders, but for normal people.

  • dubstepped

    Oh, and the lady speaking up was an exjw, as of 30 years ago, from an article I read.

  • careful


    I wonder what the BOE did for a memorial service. I went to one once in a congregation where a new bro. had killed himself, and the local high-powered elder (ex-missionary) who gave the talk made a big deal about murder and suicide not being the unforgivable sin. My impression was that many of the congregation felt uncomfortable.

    You've got the three family victims here. Were they JWs?

    I only saw undubstepped post's after I made mind. We posted just a minute or so apart. What a tragedy...

  • dubstepped

    There would be no memorial if they were shunned. I got the feeling they all were, but I don't know for sure.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    The cult is a big factor, but the person mental health is even bigger. Cults tend to attract people who already have mental problems. They just a need little push to commit acts that most cult members would never think of doing. Sad, mainly because she took the lives of innocent people who very likely wanted to live. This is the part where I have to put the blame mostly on the individual's chemistry more than the cult.

  • zeb

    She showed great strength. I can only hope she rattled some head nodders' consciences. Pity the footage didn't show the reactions of the cong there.

    If I have this right she was angry because the deceased had been shunned? If this is the case would some one in Canada please fwd this onto to the court case where a class action is being held against the wts.

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