Jehovah Witness family murder suicide

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  • OrphanCrow
    Dio: I'm going to guess it must have been an awful long time ago they were dubs.

    Five years. According to an article I read concerning this case. Not sure which one it was - there are several

  • Sliced

    They were raised as JW's and left about 5 years ago, but harsh shunning began more recently... so sounds like they faded and then it went downhill from there for them.. This is TRAGIC to say the least.

  • Finkelstein

    Being shunned by some people who you were once associated with as a practicing JWS is one thing , being shunned by your own mother and father and brothers and sisters is something a lot harder to psychologically take.

    If there is a growing relationship problem within a marriage for example this could incite real problems for people who are naturally sensitive and unstable .

    Its a rare occurrence for people who were involved with the JWS to kill themselves and murder their own family at the same time but it has happened in the past in the deadly environment known as the JWS .

  • Rattigan350

    Why would the murder-suicide be because of shunning from 5 years ago? And how does the woman and others tie it do that?

    "According to Taylor, Lauren Stuart and Daniel Stuart, 47, wanted to send their children to college, but the religion forbids that. They did so anyway. "

    The religion does not forbid that. And why would that lead to disfellowshipping? Why would anyone in the religion even know where one goes to school?

  • Simon
    The religion does not forbid that. And why would that lead to disfellowshipping? Why would anyone in the religion even know where one goes to school?

    Yes, I think it's a stretch to lay the blame for this entirely with the JWs.

    They seem like they weren't balanced and the overreaction about the college may have been a symptom of this because, well, they could have just gone. To leave because you value your childrens future so much and then take that future from them by executing them doesn't make sense and means there's something else wrong and I don't think shunning justifies or explains it.

    If a wife leaves her husband and the husband kills their children and himself, no one ever says "OMG, look what that women made him do!". Most people think the person who did the killing is at fault. I'm sorry, I don't care what someone does to you, if you kill your own children and your spouse that's on YOU.

    Whatever happened here, someone chose to do it and did it to their family because they were nuts. People like their friend may be angry and some of it may be justified because shunning is cruel but I think they are looking for excuses to put the blame for this on the WTS.

  • Gayle

    Wow, youtube hit of woman entering KH to voice her opinion about the Lauren Stuart, shows over 52,000 hits. JoyceTaylor had been a JW about 30 years ago. Friended Lauren later years. That meeting was cancelled that she spoke at ( or interrupted.) Lauren had left org 5 years ago but apparently still had some impact of JW teachings/beliefs, had been a 'partaker.' Joyce Taylor was interviewed on another ex-JW site.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    There is no denying that the shooter was missing a few marbles!

    But I've heard also that WT's strongly entrenched teaching/doctrine of life in a beautiful paradise has played a role on more that just few occasions involving suicides.

    According to WT there are basically only two ways anyone can be assured of life on the other side of Armageddon and/or the Great Tribulation: 1) If you die this side of the GT...there is the hope of the resurrection regardless if one is good or bad. 2) If you are one of the fortunate faithful, loyal and obedient JWs to survive Armageddon and the GT and walk right into paradise.

    Me thinks Lauren, like many other JW 'suiciders' before her, was banking on number 1) above. Whether her hubby and children liked it or not they were going with her cause Lauren (in her sick JW mindset) felt she knew best! Who knows what her thinking was about the dog!

    Conclusion: You can take a person out of a cult...but it's another thing to take a cult and its strong indoctrination, clench, clinch and hold out of a person!

    ...So yah, the blood trail leads back to the WTBTS...for sure!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    ...just like you don't drink and can't be in a high-contol cult and lead a normal, happy life! The two don't mix well!

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