Revised NWT in French released yesterday

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  • Narkissos

    Thank you all (I indeed skipped "Acts").

    Just had a glimpse at Matthew 27:52f to see what the "complete" BS (Bible Study !) would look like; it is more "complete" than what I had seen in 2013 -- even though in a pretty hilarious way in that case: for instance, the two "evidently" of the commentary grammatically destroy each other (a plural verb cannot refer to the plural neutral "bodies", which calls for the singular; a plural verb does refer to the plural neutral "bodies").

    Side remark on the other topic: it is indeed quite strange that the Watchtower, which has made so many efforts in the last few years to adapt its texts to various audiences (audio readings, basic-language versions, etc.) is still ignoring the huge inner diversity of languages such as Spanish (think of Argentina, vos querés, etc.) or Portuguese (long time ago I spent a few years in Portuguese congregations in France, where most readers were regularly misguided, puzzled, amused or shocked by Brazilian locutions, words or spellings: that was definitely not their language.)

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