Revised NWT in French released yesterday

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  • _Morpheus
    Morph, you'll just have to quit predicting the org's imminent demise! Or wait a minute, was that Morph? ...

    Im really very sorry but i have sent simon an email requesting that this thread be locked and deleted. Its all lies and propaganda created by wt trolls to give the org the appearance of stability. We KNOW the org has collapsed and is broke. They cannot possibly be printing new bibles, therefore this whole thread is full of lies. The only caveat maybe if we find the org orinted these bibles prior to 2015, which is when we KNOW the org collapsed and became finically insolvent. Perhaps the bibles were in storage for 3 years and the org decided to liquidate them. Whatever the case im sure this isnt what it appears. The org is dead.

  • Narkissos

    Hello everybody !

    (Long time, I know...)

    I have only been aware of the new French TMN (= NWT) release for a few days. I had previously made a few comments on the 2013 NWT here and there (and on the French new version in the last few posts of the latter link; all in French, pardon it).

    I have a specific question about the appendix C of the 2013(?) NWT, which (so far) does not exist in the 2018 TMN (it stops at Appendix B). It seems I hadn't seen it in 2013. Does anyone know if it was added later, and when ? (It's impossible to tell from the online texts, which are all copyrighted "2018").

    (It's pretty interesting because this appendix offers a number of criteria for inserting "Jehovah" into the NT texts, with examples ranging from Matthew to Acts -- that is, stopping quite conveniently before Romans and the epistles.)

  • Earnest

    Hi Narkissos,

    How wonderful to hear from you again. You have been missed.

    Unfortunately I cannot help with information about when Appendix C was included in the 2013 NWT. I am sure you are aware that the Study Edition of the NWT is an ongoing project with 27 of the 66 books having been completed. For this reason I fully expect that examples of "Jehovah" in the epistles will be added in due course.

  • Narkissos

    Hi Earnest,

    So good to "see" you too!

    Thank you very much for your reply: I had no idea about that -- whence my surprise today, as I found in (what I thought to be) the 2013 edition a whole appendix I hadn't seen 5 years ago.

    It would be nice if you (or anyone else) could point me to a WT text indicating the status of the current online Study Bible as a "work in progress" or something like that; and/or information about the progress itself (which books are considered "final" and which aren't), as you seem to know about that. I can't see any hint to that on the web page.

    Btw, I would be somehow relieved (in a way) if it appears that the foot- or margin notes apparatus is to be developed further. What I have seen so far is terribly poor compared to the 1984 edition, all the more with the dropping of brackets from the main text.


  • Earnest

    There is a page on using the Study Bible here where it says

    The study edition of the book of Matthew was published in English in October 2015. Additional Bible books will be added as the study materials for them are completed.

    Those Bible books with study materials completed are shown in a darker hue when you access the bible. A video overview on using it is quite helpful.

    In Appendix A1 (Principles of Bible Translation) it says :

    Some might conclude that a strict, word-for-word, interlinear-style translation would enable the reader to get closest to what was expressed in the original languages. However, that is not always the case.

    It then goes on to give examples where a word-for-word translation would fail to convey the meaning of the text. So, the 2013 NWT is not as literal a translation as the 1984 NWT.

    In Appendix A2 (Features of this Revision) it discusses many of the differences. It does not discuss the dropping of brackets but if it is no longer a word-for-word translation the brackets are redundant.

    There is quite a bit more information in Appendix C3 (Verses Where the Name Jehovah Does Not Appear as Part of Direct or Indirect Quotations) than we previously had on the "unsupported" use of Jehovah.

    I am disappointed it no longer indicates the textual support for alternative readings although it does provide the alternative readings themselves. It also does not indicate which J references support the use of "Jehovah" in each instance although it does list the J numbers in Appendix C4 (Translations and Reference Works Supporting the Use of the Divine Name in the "New Testament"). Maybe that is still to come.

  • Narkissos

    Thank you so much. I hadn't seen that page.

    So only Matthew appears as "final" so far. Where did you get the 27/66 figure then ?

    I had interpreted (intuitively) the different shades of blue (not just two) in the Bible books list as distinguishing the different kinds of books (Torah, "historical", "hagiographs", "prophets", "Gospels", "Acts", "epistles", "Revelation"). It may be wrong, but it works... :)

    The rest I had seen and understood. I'll still have to watch the video.

    P.S.: OK, I get it, it's not the darker blue, it's the "gem" icon... by that standard, only the Gospels appear to be "complete".

  • Earnest

    It seems that your understanding of the different shades is more likely correct. On the page on using the Study Bible it says :

    The Table of Contents page shows available Bible books in blue.

    Regarding the Discovery ("gem") icon it says :

    Click the Discovery icon to activate the Discovery tab of the Study pane and show all study notes, footnotes, marginal references, and media for the current chapter. (This tab shows by default when you load a chapter.)

    So it looks as if your conclusion that only the Gospels (and Acts) have been correct.

  • Caminante
    So yes, Appendixes C are only in the Study Bible. The English version of the Study Bible has only the first five books of the Greek Scriptures released (the four Gospels and Acts), and evidently the study notes for further books will be released in due time when the given Bible books will be considered for weekly Bible reading in the midweek meeting. So by end of the year, Romans will be also released. Narkissos: you are right about the shades of blue (on the website; shades of purple in the JW Library app) refering to the categories of books. Indeed, books having the gem icon do have the study notes. Books without the gem icon basically are a clone of the 2013 NWT.
  • Caminante

    @Earnest: all the Bible books, even those without the study notes have been added to the Study Bible just to make them "available" and to be able to set the Study Bible as the default Bible translation on But the study notes for the entire Bible will be released in 10-15 years or so.

  • AverageJoe1

    As has been briefly mentioned before, the trouble with the Spanish translation has to do with the use of language, not the dialect. All Spanish speakers can understand each other, regardless of the country.

    The problem is with the use of certain words that varies from country to country.

    For example in Castilian Spanish (from Spain - original Spanish like original English is from the UK) we use the verb COGER (to get hold of) whereas in many Latin American countries that means TO F**K so they would use the verb TOMAR (to take) which we use here in Spain as well but more often than not for TO DRINK.

    Then there are words that mean the same but are not used in polite circles. Again, in Spain we use CULO for bottom (of a glass, your butt etc) in general and formal conversation but this is a big no no in Latin American Spanish, like saying your ARSE, which wouldn’t go down well in the Bible.

    Now multiply this by each country that speaks Spanish and each of them will have a normal innocent word in Castilian Spanish that is a swear word in their country. Imagine trying to coordinate a translation that all those countries agree on and that doesn’t contain swear words in their use of Spanish!! At least it keeps those poor JWs busy!

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