Revised NWT in French released yesterday

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  • slimboyfat

    They can’t afford it! Do you know how much it would cost to supply everyone wanting a new Spanish Bible? It would cost a fortune, most of it in poorer countries.

  • Sandino

    At the RC, there was a short video of jdubs in FS in Mexico with the old Bible and I can't help but think that many in the English speaking audience thought "WTF is that!?" The woke ones in attendance were ROFL (on the inside)

  • careful

    SBF, Well, if they could "afford" to produce an electronic version in French, then why not an electronic version in Spanish?

  • OrphanCrow
    sfb: Do you know how much it would cost to supply everyone wanting a new Spanish Bible?

    I dunno. Do you know? How much would it really cost?

    The translation is done by volunteers, the printing is done by volunteers and the money comes from donations.

    How many Spanish Bibbles would it take to supply all Spanish speaking JWs with one? Doesn't that fall under the "World Wide Work"? Doesn't the WT/org collect donations for "spreading the word"? What does the WT/org spend all those donations on?

    How much really is a "fortune" for an organization that is worth billions? A few million or so? What is that? A drop in the bucket?

  • LV101

    careful - oops sorry/please ignore the -1 on your post -- computer issues/online/offline and I was slamming down on keys.

  • LV101

    So much for being one of Forbes top wealthy corps. They're greedy with the free everything show of donations/contributions but the high-rise/rock-star (horror-star 8) style of living solid.

  • slimboyfat

    What are there, fewer than 50,000 active JWs who speak Dutch?

    But supplying every Spanish speaking publisher would take up to 3 million Bibles.

  • SnakesInTheTower
    Gorbatchov12 hours agoIn Holland only active publishers got a hardcopy of the silver sword.
    We didn't. No problem.

    Just go to a convention and palm one off a seat when no one is looking. lol

    Jk... why go to a convention.


  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    With all these leaked accounting videos clearly the WT corporation is tightening up on money flowing out. Seems from the very simple explanation GB Lett gives. Should have been done years ago but better late than never doing anything.

    They are going digital all the way it saves money that they ain't got., attendance, contributions, are drying up big time because of their child molestations scandals, big 2014 money grab, massive bethel lay offs, branch closings, etc....

    Back 15+ years ago I was hearing of congregations being denied literature because they weren't sending enough contributions to cover printing costs.

  • careful

    SBF, Who's talking about Dutch? The topic is the French rev. NWT being released, evidently in electronic format. So what's to prevent an electronic only format being announced in Spanish? What would that have to do with money any more than the French rev. NWT being released?

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