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  • Spiral

    Solzhenitsyn, I think you are saying that now you regret having been a part of that. (If I'm wrong don't let me speak for you.) How many elders (and other JWs, for that matter) participated in these activities to fry their fellow brothers alive in "court". It is what you were told to do, but being able to look back, it just seems crazy.

    But, as dubs, we all thought that was normal and healthy.

    The pedophiles.... well, what can the organization do? No one (besides the perp and the victim) saw the crime.

    Cult thinking at its finest!

  • carla

    I am not suggesting you were guilty of being in a compromising position, just saying the same logic should hold true for elders who stalk people and spend the night together.

    Why don't jw's see this as a stalking issue? Any other religion would see this as just downright creepy.

    When I tell my jw and non jw's they don't believe me that this actually happens.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Interesting that I was once assigned to "guard" a WT trailer at a convention----by sitting in a car all night with a newly converted gay (I am not(

  • newsheep

    We had gone to the police about it after the elders had done their dirty deed with us and the police said we could have had them charged. Sitting for over five hours outside our property waiting to "get us" along with the phone calls (we wouldn't pick up) and the so called encouraging visits (never answering the door).

    For as long as we were in the congregation we never ever had visits. It was always us hosting everyone over and always for a meal and some skeet shooting. Then when we stopped going and stopped inviting them over that was it. Never ending uninvited invasions of privacy. So we put up no trespassing signs and kept our gates locked and that still didn't stop them. It was a nightmare.

    So glad we are out and are enjoying our lives. You can see why we have a deep deep hatred over people who enjoy taking charge and delight in doing this to others and can't stop and think that this is wrong. These people need to get a real life but then again you just can't fix stupid.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate
    @newsheep: I also like skeet shooting, but I find that the biggest challenge is finding a woman who is willing to participate without complaining. They always tell me that it burns their eyes.
  • blondie

    Yes, I found it amazing that elders had the time to spend to play cop, but not to be shepherds. Obviously they did not extend mercy like god did to King David who committed adultery and murder.

  • WTWizard

    And whatever happened to the scripture, right there in their own bible, that tells people that they should mind their own business? To me, that is a major turn-off with this religion--or any other where its bible or quran tells people one thing in one verse and something completely contradictory in another. Telling people to mind their own business in one verse and to snitch in another is totally offensive--as is the quran telling people that islam is peaceful in one section of the book and that it will use whatever means, including violence, to subvert an entire nation in another.

    Maybe if they would start trying to follow the mind-your-own-business part more, it would be better for all. Save the judicial hearing for when it is blatant. Or, realize that, if the bible tells you to snitch after telling you to mind your own business, it could be full of other lies and don't adhere to it at all. And then, there is no reason to sit outside all night to see if fornication happens because it wouldn't matter.

  • Xanthippe

    When I began to doubt the 'truth' I did something totally out of character, I looked for my husband's elders book while he was out. When I found it this was the page that astounded me, elders being told to camp outside a person's house all night if they suspected someone of adultery or fornication.

    Talk about spiritual policemen! This was another nail in the coffin of that religion for me. No proof of wrongdoing just people staying in the same house, but the lengths they insisted elders go to, to get people disfellowshipped. All done out of love of course!

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    On the other side of the scales - a very close friend who was an elder (with another elder) had to sit outside all night watching a house where a sister had a 'worldly' boyfriend. She stayed all night, and left early next day.

    Result? Zilch, nada, nothing! The 2 elders were told to forget it because there was not enough "evidence" to proceed. Why not? The sister had family connections with prominent JW heavyweights in the area.

    Some are more equal than others.

  • jhine

    Totally right , Steve2 , l can attest to that ,


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