Have you seen this appalling new Caleb and Sophia video??

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  • jp1692

    Okay, that video is epically messed up on so many levels it's hard to know where to begin ,..., but I'm going to just point out one really absurd bit of totally whacked manipulation:

    • How in heaven or on Earth would deliberately NOT answering a math problem which you know the answer to Make Jehovah Happy?

    Really. That's just stupid!

  • skin

    When she was dreaming, she should have seen the answer in her dream, I did, and wrote that down. That's not cheating.

    I'm thinking most kids watching this for see it simply as a cartoon, the bigger stuff going on here, is designed for the adults. WT writers know that adults of all ages will also be watching these cartoons.

  • Diogenesister
    Shephardlessplay far better vid games on their smart phones than that ancient artifact those boys in the school playground had.

    Ha Ha yes it was an old game boy circa 2003.

    I have to say (aside from the angels focusing on cancer sufferers and war victims), it actually made me a little sentimental for the days of my childhood belief in gentle Jesus :' -(

  • Wild_Thing

    I also thought the animation wasn't as good as some of the others I have seen. Did the original animators become apostates?

  • Listener

    I don't get why they depicted the one and only Satan as being a man with magical powers, more manipulation I guess.

    Then there was Jesus shown jumping off the wall, doing what Satan suggested. It wasn't until later that it became clearer that this didn't actually happen but how are young kids able to determine that? It wasn't clear as to whether this scene was some sort of pretence or someone's imagination or wishful thinking. Whatever it was, it wasn't even clear as to which person, Jesus or Satan, these thoughts were coming from.

  • stuckinarut2

    I had the same thoughts Listener!

    For a video aimed at children, those parts were confusing.

  • unsure

    I find it ironic and hypocritical how the Watchtower speaks against any entertainment with magic or spiritistic themes yet in their very own cartoons they depict Satan waving his hands around harnessing "magic".

    I guess they justify it as being a Biblical lesson but the animators sure took artistic liberty.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    The use of color in this vid, clearly connects what is evil = purple, and what is violent = browns.

    The snake is purple, sparlock is purple, the poster for University, the scenes where both children are tempted, let's not forget SATAN and by chance (really?) Sophia is dressed in purple.

    The ones that have turned their back on Jehovah are all violent killers and are in brown. So is Caleb's fantasy army guy. Also rather interesting, what color are the angels bathed in = golden browns.

    In the scene where the poster is, the family drives by it. In the far away shot, I got the impression (because of the big dark eyes) of a rather creepy skull face. There is some fake writing at the top of the poster that seems like it says N n sjskdf vs Hydaeydg but implies University because of the faintness of it. Also looks like Swedish and I know it doesn't really say anything.

    The WT is trying to add in humor in these terrible little cartoons. Like with the one on Noah's ark with everyone dying because they played on a handheld game instead of listening - haha that was funny. Now they have a sharp nosed teacher and a kid with cheeto powder around his mouth and gaps in his teeth. Hahaha aren't they comical?

    And if there are thousands of Angels watching what you are doing right, then won't a child feel frightened and doomed when they (being children) do something wrong? Surely the angels will tell God.

    And the picture of "God" silently and without even hint of body in the clouds, watching, is kind of creepy too. At least Jesus has a smile but God - faceless and emotionless.

  • 2+2=5

    Since leaving the filthy cult, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing violent video games.

    I’d argue that moderate violence in video games is far less harmful to a child’s psychological health, compared to the ‘My book of Bible stories’ rubbish. Lot’s dead wife, Jesus bleeding... not to mention all the sick imagery from the ‘Revelation climax’... I can clearly recall these illustrations, they scar on young developing minds.. and the WTS is overflowing with this twisted shit, it’s not for children.

    Caleb and Sophia are like candy in comparison... it’s still shit, no child should have to digest it.

  • smiddy3

    Jehovah`s Witnesses will never ever become a mainstream religious organization they will forever be a small insignificant Cult religion until they are no more .

    Any normal person watching these types of videos directed at children would be appalled at the content and inference made .

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