Crossing the Elders

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  • Diogenesister
    Londo111 So it would not be possible for a stranger to show up on Sunday and give a talk.

    Londo have you seen the video on youtube of the apostate ex elder or servant who was *somehow* left on the list of approved speakers. He got a call to give a talk at some KH, and recorded a great speech he gave. He was hassled off the stage, eventually of course. I'm going to try and find it to post below.

  • Londo111

    Ah...I've seen people post about it.

    Of course, the cult mechanism shut that down very quick.

  • westiebilly11

    I've known some truly good elders over the years, sadly, some have since passed away. They genuinely cared about others, and made time to help where needed. They avoided being judgmental ( one characteristic of a poor elder) and always made themselves available to talk to , and didn't divulge matters to wives or family, thus feeding the gossip. Sadly, around the time I left, bad elders were much in evidence. Seeking glory for themselves and almost boasting, very much typiying the 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' mantra..... One recently appointed elder ( a nepotisitic appointment..) regularly sought praise for 'donating' sound equipment etc to the congregation. Such a shame.. I've learnt to my cost that many latterday elders cannot be trusted ...They're corporate men.

  • Londo111

    From my observation, being an elder is allot of hard work, way more than the load of what the rank-and-file active publisher bears. That kind of stress might drive anyone nuts.

    As the Bible says, “Mere oppression makes the wise one act crazy.” And we’ve established the elders aren’t very wise…so imagine what it does to them!

  • Iown Mylife
  • Finally Left
    Finally Left

    I was reading about people who are trained to handle child abuse cases their training lasts 18 months. How much training do elders receive yet they handle matters that affect people for the rest of their life? It is sad. They are not qualified to deal with marriage, teenage, child abuse............all the issues that they deal with. They harm too many people

  • Finally Left
    Finally Left

    It is funny how you go through such a range of emotions when you leave the truth. This post struck a cord with me and today I am angry.

    Elders - shame on them. Last year a brother in our congregation was in hospice with cancer. He had been there for several weeks. His wife said when he is dying I will call you, please be with me. Well, in the middle of the afternoon the call came. I was at work at good 15 minutes away, but my husband was at a store within blocks of hospice. I called him and asked him to go immediately that this was it - he is dying. There was an elder that was in the same store at that time and please note - they are within WALKING distance of the hospice. He asked the elder to come, that the brother was about to take his last breath and we need to be there for him and his family. The brother said - I don't have time right now I need to buy some light bulbs. The brother was dead 30 minutes later. Shame on him! Shame! Shame! I could never look him in the face again. I am supposed to respect him? Really?

    Several years ago a sister tried to commit suicide. My husband went with an elder to visit her in the hospital. His first words to her were, "You had your chance and you blew it. You are still here!". Can you believe it! My husband was so upset with him he took him the hall of the hospital and let him have it.

    Elders have zero accountability. They do so much harm when they could do good. They are uncaring, borish, untrained yet think they are something special. I know this is not true for every elder, but so many elders bully the other elders and they just back down and let them damage the flock. What a shame!

    I used to think Jehovah, where are you? What is going on here? Now I know.

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