Welcome to all the Newbies in the last six months

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  • Themdoubts

    Thanks Smiddy! I joined around 6-7 months ago after afew years of lurking (and doubting!). I've made a couple of posts but i generally love reading everyone else's experiences and take on things. It has been very therapeutic and has helped me greatly! See you all around the site :)

  • Sorry

    Thanks Smiddy! Hello everyone! I'll just take this chance to formally introduce myself.

    I am 18 and currently baptised. I had my doubts, and my parents told me I should only do it when I'm ready. However, they kept applying pressure on me and asking me why I don't do enough and when am I finally going to take the truth seriously. So, I just decided to get dipped. After a whole year of shoving my thoughts down, I couldn't ignore it any longer and decided to do research. I stumbled across jwfacts.com and the rest is history. After learning TTATT, I began dating a great guy. He's helped me battle my depression and my suicidal thoughts, but he can't do as much as he'd like due to my strict, diehard JW parents.

    I have plans to save money, get a car, and move out. Then move to a different area and start my fade (which wont be easy since my parents will try to get their way in the process). I am currently at university obtaining my bachelor's in Marketing, my area has a huge demand for them (being a JW prepared me for at least one thing in life lol).

    Any questions or comments, just pm me. I love everyone!

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