Welcome to all the Newbies in the last six months

by smiddy 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • corruptgirl

    Thanks for the welcome. ..I've been awake for 7 months now thanks to my husband who helped me see ttatt. It was exactly a week after my 2nd baby was born that I woke up. We recently celebrated my husband's birthday and I can't wait to celebrate my baby boys's 2nd birthday coming up next month! He didn't have a first birthday but I will make up for it this year!

    Welcome to everyone else! Enjoy life, every moment of every day! It's all yours now!

  • Ding

    People on this forum often look for ways to help loved ones realize TTATT.

    The more success stories that are posted, the more people are encouraged and learn practical do's and don'ts.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Welcome to your new life!!! There may be times when you may experience some difficulty but the great thing, there is a rational explanation. None of this business I'am not doing enough, Satan is testing me, you are not surrounded by wicked people and you do not have to lose sleep worry about if you will survive when the Big one come. It was a messed up life and you are coming out of it I hope in good shape.

  • aboveusonlysky

    I've been on this forum about 6 months now, been too busy to post much as we've just had our first child but I always enjoy reading threads from you guys, especially new experiences about people waking up.........keep up the good work!

  • Dagney

    Welcome! And so nice to see you all here. It takes a lot of courage to take this road against what seems to be an impossible choice of losing everything and everyone you know. Once you experience the joy of freedom of thought, it will greatly make up for most of what is lost. We promise. Especially those of you that have children. You are giving them the greatest gift ever, and that is the freedom for them to grow up and explore to be the person they should be.

  • smiddy

    Thank you guys for all the replys so far ,you dont know what it means for most of us to hear your stories and just for the fact you have made the break from a control group like the WT Society , and the freedom that comes with it.

    I encourage any more who have made the break in the last six months or even a year ago , to say hello at least.

  • snare&racket

    Every person that leaves makes us happy, not because we are evil and it's the truth... that's not how humans work despite the JW bedtime story villain perspective the JW's have of the real world.....

    we are just happy to see people emotionally, mentally and spiritually free.....

  • Sliced

    Hi Everyone- guess I've never made a formal introduction. I haven't been on too long as a member- but have been checking this site fairly regularly for about a year now! I am the kind of person that you LOVE to hear about! (smiles) Woke up around November-December of last year. Went into a full fade at the beginning of this year and have not looked back!I still have some highs and lows since I've been in the cult for over 30 years- but I have never felt better in my life! I've enjoyed reading peoples comments- and keeping up with what's happening on the inside since I still have family that are drones. Thanks for keeping this forum going strong. I am hoping that many more newbies will be on here- the kind like I am!! I have to admit- I love hearing about more and more people leaving! Welcome to ALL on here that are new and thanks for the WELCOME from the old timers! lol

  • smiddy

    Bump for all the latest newbies

  • btlc

    Thank you all! I lurked here for years from time to time, and finally I signed up. I'm learning English by myself, so excuse me if I sound funny or difficult to understand. My story is common, JW since childhood, was devoted for decades, prosperous MS, etc, first red bulb start at mid of 1990' with "generation" issue, but finally nail in the coffin was UN - NGO affair at 2001. Less affair by it self, but more respond on it. After that I started evaluating my personal belives and what WT really teach, from scratch, with clean glasses, and, to make long story short, here I am!

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