Prince and addictive drugs…a possible loophole?

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  • Londo111
    I have wondered if anti-depressants help elders cope with following Watchtower rules and cutting people off from friends and family.
  • Lieu

    Oh stop it. You and I both know that people take more than prescribed. It says take 2 Aleve every 12 hours for pain. But if you have say a persistent toothache you'll take more than 2.

    Everybody does it. Get real.

  • millie210
    Does anyone out there know from personal experience that some elders take anti-depressants?
    Yes. Three of the six elders in the local Hall take them.
    One of them falls asleep during the meetings but he says is his diabetes that causes it, not his Zoloft.
    Guess we'll have to take his word for it. After all, he is one of the "glorious ones"....

  • blondie
    I think he had the greatest loophole, he died. Can.t df a dead person.
  • sparky1

    Maryo..........I have had 2 Elders from the hall I used to attend tell me directly that they are on anti-depressants. One bragged (or complained?) to me that he would have to be on them until Armageddon because he has 'a chemical imbalance' and that he wouldn't know what he would do without them or if he didn't have his position. 3 more are taking either antidepressants or Valium or a combination thereof. (This I learned from family members of these Elders). All is NOT well in Jehovah's Spiritual Paradise.

  • Londo111


    A minor non-addictive pain medication like Aleve is not in the same class as strong medication that may be addictive and might come with harmful side effects.

    When I had gout, the doctor recommended that I take more the recommended dose of Advil. He said temporary taking over the recommended amount is okay.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Londo111, I take over the recommended amount of ALEVE for gout and it typically makes it go away before it gets bad. JW elders do not need to know about any prescribed meds their members are on. It's a violation of health information privacy. It doesn't matter whether those meds are addictive or not.

    As far as illegal drugs, I doubt members would tell the elders.

  • millie210
  • GrreatTeacher

    It really upsets me when people talk about other people's medication use.

    It's one thing if you decide to share your own medication use, but talking about others' is not cool.

    JWs seem to have a huge problem with minding everyone else's business.

  • millie210

    I agree Grreat Teacher.

    People completely deserve their privacy in this as well as many other areas.

    The one place I think merits extra thought is when it comes to elders.

    If indeed those elders are taking mood altering medications and sitting on judicial hearings where they render decisions that alter peoples lives hugely.

    Several airlines had policies that would not allow pilots to use these types of drugs and fly.

    There was a backlash and policy was being reviewed but the question remains.

    Should a surgeon be allowed to use this type of medication and not let others know?

    A sharpshooter on a SWAT team?

    A teacher?

    A nanny in your home caring for an infant?

    I do not presume to have answers - only questions.

    I can speak to this however...

    a very nice young person I know did something requiring a judicial committee. In the course of that meeting an elder "lost it". He got in the young persons face screaming obscenities with spittle flying out of his mouth.

    Guess what excuse was given later for this behavior?

    He was "off his meds".

    On meds? Off meds? Accountability?

    Whose to say?

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