Prince and addictive drugs…a possible loophole?

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  • Londo111

    According to the Elder's rulebook, there is this addendum in the chapter on the grounds for Judicial Committee and the section: "Misuse of addictive drugs":

    Please note: the use of addictive drugs under medical supervision, such as for pain management, would not necessarily require judicial review. When questions arise, consult with the branch office.

  • littlerockguy

    A possible loophole? Yeah, it's called money and celebrity.


  • StarTrekAngel

    They are just making sure that elders do not attach to the dictionary definition of "addiction". If you are on xanax, you are technically using an addictive drug. If you had just smoked your first pot cigarette, you are not an addict yet, but you are on your way there. Xanax could be seen the same way. In fact, my doctor told me once that I could just drink instead of taking Xanax, the effect would be the same but he said Xanax is better because it would not damage your liver in the long run. When I wanted to cut Xanax out, i was told I needed to do it in stages to avoid withdrawal.

    if a brother is on Xanax, he should not be tried in a JC. That is what that loophole is. However, some people may take this medication under doctor supervision but many times these celebrities have bought the doctors to push the limits. Basically you are getting high under doctor supervision, in excess of the amounts recommended for your condition or at least without exploring other alternatives. The Watchtower isn't going to taint their hands any further than they already have, by providing doctrine that discourages people from taking medication that would prevent, for example, suicidal tendencies.

    In my view, and based on the obvious outcome, it is clear, like many other celebrities, were getting doctors to prescribe them this type of medication to get high, not to get treated. And therefore the loophole should not apply.

  • millie210

    Thats a really good question Londo. I guess it does provide for a lot of wiggle room and lets the elders use discernment (not always a good thing).

    I heard a statistic recently and I am loosely paraphrasing here...that 1/7 of the world uses 6/7ths of the prescription drugs and most of those are pain/mood drugs with a lesser of antibiotics.

    I dont know about other places but the medically prescribed addiction problem in the US is starting to remind me of poppyies, opium dens and the silk road.

    People worry about the legalization of pot and dont seem to notice the drugging down of millions through prescriptions.

    This is a VERY hot topic and people get defensive right out of the gate but heres the thing...other than the last 30 years - humanity lived without it. Now we cant imagine living without it.

    What is that?

    As for Prince...his pain killer addiction is well documented throughout his adult life.

    Having a medical condition that causes pain and legitimizes the use of pain killers in a therapeutic way, ends up being a nice foil for anyone who wants to overlook or mask the obvious about his life.

  • sparky1

    Yes Millie210 you have hit the 'nail on the head,' especially in regards to Jehovah's Witnesses and the use of 'mood altering' drugs. If you choose to smoke marijuana on your own to ease your anxiety, you will be disfellowshipped as a 'drug abuser' but if you receive your drugs from a Medical Doctor, you will be receiving 'medical treatment' for your 'medical condition' and it will be judged as a 'personal matter'. It never ceases to amaze me that an Elder that is taking anti-depressants, Xanax and drinks like a fish can in 'good conscience' disfellowship someone for smoking cigarettes or marijuana.

  • Londo111
    Having a friend/mentor like Larry Graham on the elder body might help too.
  • sparky1

    "Having a friend/mentor like Larry Graham on the elder body might help too" - Londo

    Larry Graham can 'kiss my ass'....................he dresses like a 'pimp' when it serves his purpose and then is all conservative inside the Kingdom Hall.

  • millie210

    Elder that is taking anti-depressants, Xanax and drinks like a fish can in 'good conscience' disfellowship someone for smoking cigarettes or marijuana.

    Thats it in a nutshell Sparky.

    So much for the Word being "alive" and able to separate soul from spirit and jont from marrow.

    Apparently, whatever the bad worldly government sets as the standard is ok!

    Even if its not!

    I really had this point brought home to me recently. A sister who is very "in" said that she is growing very worried because well over half the congregation is on prescription meds.

    You know what that means.....if half are admitting to it well.....thats the tip of the iceburg no doubt.

  • redvip2000
    If you ask me, this loophole then allows for the use of medical Marijuana.
  • Londo111
    I've had elders "encourage" me to take anti-anxiety pills to "take the edge off", so I could overcome anxiety to do “necessary” things like going door to door. Also, some of them said their pioneer wife takes them. It's likely the only way to keep up such a stressful lifestyle.

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