Stuart imprisoned,tried and restricted.

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    There was a video of Stuart being taken aside by a police officer a few weeks ago.. I can't remember where the video is.. But the officer was talking to Stuart in some hallway in a building someplace. The officer was relating to Stuart on how one of the ladies at the cart had post-traumatic stress for almost a month after the cart crash from Stuart was saying to the cart-watchers. The 'sister' apparently missed several days of work because of it too!!!!

  • amicabl

    The Jws called Caesars police to have Stuart arrested and told them that story without any proof. If it was true where is “Holy Spirit” to strengthen the sister. I can recall really unpleasant confrontations out in field service that didn’t lead to ptsd or whatever.

    I don’t wish to be an apologist for his behaviour but I have watched all the videos and understand why he does what he does.

    He does carry anti witnessing pamphlets and has many discussions with elders and others using the same arguments that many of us might use.

    I was watching the John Ford picture “How Green Was My Valley” where the church minister faces the congregation and tells them that most of them are there out of fear and superstition, not love of God. Sometimes we have to tell it like it is and if it shakes people out of their complacency then that is too bad. The jws quite often do that when going door to door.

    My concern was the apparent way he was treated after being arrested and the judgement handed down without,as he tells it, his being able to properly argue his case. Jws are quite happy to use “satan’s System” when it suits them, and in Australia at least to receive a full pension and subsidised housing even if they have never worked in their lives. Total hypocrites.

  • Simon
    I have watched all the videos and understand why he does what he does.

    Understanding it is one thing but it doesn't mean we should condone it.

    Debate JWs when they are stood at their carts or when they come to your door. Protest outside the HQ of the organization.

    Don't harass individual JWs when they are out with their family, at home, at their local KH or anywhere else. Nothing justifies doing that.

  • Vidiot


    Reinforcing the persecution complex doesn't help anyone, them or us.

    Plus (IMO), it kinda does make you look mentally diseased.

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