Stuart imprisoned,tried and restricted.

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  • amicabl

    For the last month or so I have been watching all of Stuart’s XJDUB videos on YouTube.

    Thanks to local Congo’s of jws he has now been arrested and apparently mistreated and had actually quite weird restrictions placed on him to keep him away from carts, khs etc., by a court in Vancouver.

    He was out it would seem the next day carrying on his “ministry”. And successfully too.

    I know his activities could be considered a little extreme at times, but I have felt encouraged by him and I wondered if anyone has any information on the whole situation.

  • john.prestor

    Forgive the dark humor, but that proves conclusively that he isn't a pedophile... They'd let him run free.

  • waton

    background, links please

  • amicabl

    waton....all I have done so far is view his videos on YouTube. I also checked his Facebook page. I do not know how to post actual links but the following is some info.

    XJDUB. 76 plus videos. A lot to watch and the more I watched I found that I could emphasise with him. He knows most of those he approaches on the carts as he was a regular pioneer in inner Vancouver.

    a video I would recommend to anyone interested is number 37 starting at 15 minutes. Videos 75 and 76 document the police arrest and what followed.

    I hope this is helpful. His full name is Stuart LeFebvre

  • hoser

    Vancouver Washington or Vancouver British Columbia?

  • Listener

    Stuart is not you typical cart activist but like all of them, he is passionate. He's been trying to keep within the laws, especially since the Police have been ramping up their actions against him. However, it appears that he has been thinking that the day would come when he was arrested and will face court and will take the opportunity to do more activism even though the forces are against him.

    He is in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    There will be a number that say he has gone too far and can see why the Police arrested him. The JWs have been claiming harassment amongst who knows what else but it does include "interuption". I think the Police have been having a hard time to decide what criminal charges they can make against him.

    If they do charge him with (criminal) harrassment then I would like to see the JWs explain themselves when they requested that he attend a JC at the Kingdom Hall. He had already been carrying out his activism for some time and if he was really criminally harrassing him then why would they invite him into their Kingdom Hall, not to discuss the action they would take against him if he didn't stop his activism but for a JC.

    The video regarding the JC is here

  • smiddy3

    From the videos I just watched I think he should be arrested and charged especially with his harassment of the guy in the diner .

    I don`t think being aggressive and in your face tactics does apostates any favour`s its counter productive.

    Even with the two women at the cart he was harassing them in my book though I don`t know why they just didn`t pack up and move on and calling up the Elders and then they just stood by beats me.

    Oh well I suppose it takes all kinds no matter what side of the fence you stand on.

    Just my 2 cents

  • hoser
    The guy goes a bit too far and it is counterproductive
  • Diogenesister
    Even with the two women at the cart he was harassing them in my book though I don`t know why they just didn`t pack up and move on and calling up the Elders and then they just stood by beats me.

    Now I disagree with that because he has the same right they do to stand there with his placards advertising his beliefs.

    JWs are a dangerous cult and people deserve fair warning although I agree he was pushing his luck with the dude in the diner....of course that's not to say that guy had a right to assault him. The violence just proves what angry, false people many of them ( not all)are. I don't think Stuart is very effective, either, when attempting to explain his motives to the silly polish woman. All he had to do was explain that this cult puts children at risk and shuns family members who ALSO have a right to their own beliefs, which she was so keen to point out. A well written, brief explanation on paper to give to concerned members of the public is more useful if you are not articulate in stressful situations.

  • Simon

    Harassing individual JWs is rude and stupid. He should be arrested if he makes a habit of it.

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