There is no Holy Spirit.

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  • steve2

    There is no Holy Spirit? There is no Holy Spirit! How often do I have to tell you people, The last one to use up all the Holy Spirit needs to replace it before leaving?! Show some consideration, please. 😡

  • wozza

    I agree with OUTLAW there is a holy spirit ,I drank a bottle of Smirnoff years ago and it went into me , did'nt like what it saw and I barfed it back out again!

  • ttdtt

    So funny you reason it the way you did!

    I was giving District Assembly talks and I had already woken up and considered my self an Atheist.

    Me and a fellow woke elder joked to ourselves about it. Maybe Holy Spirit had the day off.

    Such bullshit!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @ ttdtt,after waking up were you able to modify your talks to allow for alternative meanings in them or did you deliver them them according to the script? How long before you gave up appearing to be a witness?

  • TheWonderofYou

    The holy spirit is only active when one is enflamed for the truth. It then helps and supports you. If one sins and acts against better knowledge, the spirit is not active but saddened or agrieved. Holy sh... the spirit behaves really like a huffy mate/partner.

    BUT why did you doubt the "Holy Spirit" and not doubt Jehovah after the waking up?

  • out4good4

    Oh boy.....

    along comes that "grieving the holy spirit" crap

    soon to be followed by the "jehovah withdrawing his protection" bullshit

  • krismalone

    Ewart Chitty (a closet homosexual) rises through the ranks of the WT hierarchy to the point of being a member of the Governing Body. Only after several roommates accuse him of innapropriate conduct does he get removed or forced to resign. He was eventually sent back to London branch with no responsibilities only menial tasks. Who or what appointed him? The 79 YB announces his resignation.

    Leo K. Greenlees, another homosexual and child molester who rose through the WT hierarchy and became a member of the almighty GB. He molested children (Marco Paolo included). Was forced to resign from the GB and was secretly transferred to a Cong in New Orleans. Who or what appointed him? The GB did not report him to the police and just transferred him and gave him the title of special pioneer until his death. No mention at all about his removal from the GB in the publications.

    The WT tells its members they must be obedient and obey the leaders as they are appointed by the Holy Spirit. This keeps members in fear of speaking out against crimes and hypocrisy of their leaders. This is just another lie from the GB to keep members obedient and enslaved to the WT organization.

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