A Sister Stops the CO's Bullying

by Simon Templar 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Tenacious

    Hi Simon Templar.

    Please keep them coming.

    I've noticed that the Baby Boomers and some remaining from the Greatest Generation have a short fuse when it comes to GB or Overseer shenanigans. They've been through it and then some and sadly many of them are resentful for the predicament they find themselves in. Paradise was promised decades ago and instead of planting and watering their spacious yards in the New World, they are humping it out in field service weather and health be damned. Many of them living off of the handouts from those who were smart enough to not buy the Cadillac but instead bought the Buick.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    MOST COs would benefit immensely from a swift kick in the balls, I'm glad Sister NothingLeftToLose had the courage to put that goofball in his place.

  • ToesUp

    I would love to take that lovely sister to lunch. These Co's think they are little Gods.You would be surprised how people will back down when you speak up.

    Power comes in numbers. If we could only get more people to let these guys know they won't take their crap.

  • OzGirl
    I like watching the bullies back down when you speak up to them. They're not used to people doing that.
  • Prometheus
    can you imagine Jesus, bullying???!!!
  • ttdtt
    It's the Elders who get bullied the most, and usually they cow-tow to the CO like he is god. The usually adopt anything a CO will say without to much fight. There have only been a few occasions I have witnessed (as an elder) where an Elder stood up to a CO.
  • JakeM2012

    To Brother Bully Circuit Overseer: Sister White said:

    Image result for photos of elderly woman shooting a gun

  • Dunedain

    Its funny, but I often think about how different it would be for myself, if I was "IN" now. When I was a teen to early 20 year old, born in, I allowed myself to be bullied by "older" elders, and such. Sometimes I wish I was back there, as the 40 year old, successful, man I am NOW.

    Now, I control the world around me, and would NEVER let myself be bullied by ANYONE, let alone some elder who thinks he is appointed by gOD, but is instead appointed in his own mind.

    I would LOVE to be in the backroom with those MEN now. They would learn REAL QUICK, who was gonna walk out of that room "on top". They would learn real quick, that they have NO "power", and are NOTHING, worthy of NO respect, unless earned.

    I can also, probably guarantee a few bloody noses, too. Last time I spoke to elders, I was a 160 pound boy, now I am a 230 pound, hulking MAN.

  • DwainBowman
    I love the way eldubs, bow to the pet peeves of co's!
  • kaik
    That woman sounds like my mom. She would not let her self bullied either. What it seems the woman of the 1940 without much had to say in the KH became a history.

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