A Sister Stops the CO's Bullying

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  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar

    We had the CO a few weeks ago. I waited a few weeks for time to pass to post. We now have a new CO. He started in September and his first visit to our Congo was a little while ago. By the way, he is smaller than average in height and has a Napoleon Complex.

    I showed up at the meetings for Field Service on Wednesday. No big deal. I showed up for the meeting for Field Service on Thursday morning. No big deal. On Thursday afternoon, at the meeting for Field Service, the CO was up there doing his thing. He was speaking extemporaneously and picking out people like me and said "this guy has a bad attitude. We will have to change that". He doesn't even know me! Then he picked on someone else and made a remark and then another person. Once he got this out of his system, he started assigning people to work together. An Older Sister in our Congo was there (she is in the religion for 60+ years and speaks to me regularly. She has been worn out and cares very little about most JW things). She had a small back and forth with him on assignments because she didn't hear him too well. I was surprised, but thought it was over. Then the CO said something (I don't remember) and she said to him, "Brother, I'm not afraid of you". I was totally amazed and partially shocked.

    After the prayer and dismissal to the field, the CO noticeably changed from a bully to a lamb. He went over to the Sister, spoke nicely to her. It seemed like "old home week" there for a few minutes. He smiled and spoke nicely to me. A complete change. You can't make it up.

    Many of the people in my Congo are coming unhinged. Its a sign of the times I guess, and a series of stories for another day.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    That sister has been around enough to know these ass hat clowns are blowhards and really what can they do to her? Make her stop pioneering? I doubt that would bother her. They can't delete her from any other privileges for being authentic. Dolts.
  • Pistoff

    Nice, they really should hear that more often from the rank and file.

    I have had my share of bullying CO's.

    I just ignored them; I wish I had confronted them like that older sister.

  • westiebilly11
    It's time the rank and file stood up for themselves and each other. Recent scandalous events and increasingly flawed prophecies etc should give them ammunition to raise questions. The CO's etc are just company reps. Were I still I'd fire a few salvos across certain one's bows.....
  • joe134cd
    Sounds like another Hans Hubler. Put his name into the search engines here and see what comes up
  • Magnum

    Dang, I love that! As has been said before, those guys only have the power that they are given. That woman stripped Napolean of his power; she humbled him down.

    A few days ago, I was reading on here new boy's Bethel experiences. I read one part about Knorr, and I was thinking how he only had the power that people gave him or let him have. I wish that when Knorr had bullied one of those young Bethel guys, the guy had fearlessly and confidently looked him in the face and said "kiss my a$$." What could Knorr have done - told him to leave? Sent him to a dirty (or dirtier) job? If so, what it the guy had confidently said "NO"? What if they had all left? What would have been the situation then? Knorr would have been walking down empty halls with no nobody to boss around and nobody to sweep the floors and shine his shoes. He was just a man who had no inherent power,

  • blondie
    Shame on the jws that stood by and watched her be bullied.
  • bafh

    If I ever lost my mind and went back, I'm afraid I could not hold my tongue and would be in the same boat as that sister. She has the advantage of age though. I, on the other hand, would probably be labeled as an "independent thinker" and not "submissive" enough.

    I've thought about it, and if I was approached by the elders - my response would be "Thank you for your concern. As a single woman, my head is Jehovah, not any man." [Smile].

    What could they say to that?

  • Phizzy

    Bullies usually only need to be faced up to, they are cowards after all.

    I was never in awe of C.O's, I don't really know why, I guess it was being born in, and seeing them come and then soon go, and make no real impact. I reasoned to myself, what can they do to me , that matters ? Even when I was a M.S I really didn't give s**t if that was taken away from me.

    But some C.O's were apparently bastards in the way they treated some dear folks, although any Elder getting a roasting probably deserved it !

    Guys like the above C.O help our cause no end.

  • Crazyguy
    Simon tell us of those coming unhinged, sound like their might be some good stories there.

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