A Sister Stops the CO's Bullying

by Simon Templar 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • coalize
    magnum : A few days ago, I was reading on here new boy's Bethel experiences. I read one part about Knorr, and I was thinking how he only had the power that people gave him or let him have. I wish that when Knorr had bullied one of those young Bethel guys, the guy had fearlessly and confidently looked him in the face and said "kiss my a$$." What could Knorr have done - told him to leave? Sent him to a dirty (or dirtier) job? If so, what it the guy had confidently said "NO"? What if they had all left? What would have been the situation then? Knorr would have been walking down empty halls with no nobody to boss around and nobody to sweep the floors and shine his shoes. He was just a man who had no inherent power,

    made me think about that :

  • Heaven

    Back in 2010, my Dad told me that the CO was coming. I said "Oh? And what does he do?"

    Dad said "He comes to stir up trouble."

    These guys sound like dickheads. 'Nuff said.

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